Route of Earth(Path 63-Cave Hunt Part Three)

“I’m not coming here to fight you, you moron!” The knight in burning armor crashed towards Isef. She was thrown away, but he stopped moving. “Did you see a black dog here?” He merely stood still and formed a barrier.
“No, why?” Vanadis put his sword on his waist belt.
“That dog is a demon. It just slain my squad of soldiers and escaped into this cave,” He broke the barrier and let the pieces disappear by themselves. Then, suddenly,
“Well, my comrade failed its mission, but I will continue for it. Die!” A black meteor attack suddenly crashed down onto the ground, stunning everyone. A black colored wolf appeared in front of them and shot a few black shaped orbs on them from its mouth.
“Oh, so you are the one with that dog, huh? This is for my dead comrades!” The knight in burning armor charged himself with flame aura and trails of flame were launched along the ground. The wolf was burned, but it was unharmed.
“You are not wreaking havoc in here!” Vanadis took out his sword and reflected the flame balls shot from the wolf’s mouth back to it, yet they were exploded midair instead. It teleported to its back, yet Isef dashed to its side and slashed its body, then swung her sword that the wolf was smashed on the ground. It quickly shot a flame ball towards her and she was thrown 1 meter away.
“Curse…you….” She quickly woke up. The wolf leaped towards her, attempting to launch a flaming burst on her in close range, but the knight in burning armor charged towards it and smashed it onto the wall. The crystals on the wall damaged it further. He dashed backwards and looked at the wolf.
“Well, if you think you can kill me this way then you are totally wrong,” It healed its wounds, charged itself with wind aura and dashed past them. Strong winds with invisible wind slash waves were blown towards them. They fell onto the ground, suffering from heavy damage from the slash waves.
“Well…this is not going to kill us anyway,” The knight in burning armor stood up as if nothing was happened to him despite the cracks on his armor which were slowly recovering. Then, he charged himself with space aura and photons. A vacuum blade with a laser beam inside it was formed in the air.
“Don’t try to be arrogant, bastard!” Just when he took the sword, it charged itself with wind aura and dashed past them once more. This time, he blocked the wind slash waves using his sword and launched a vacuum beam on it. It opened its mouth, attempting to absorb the vacuum, yet he quickly dashed towards it and it was stabbed through its mouth while it was absorbing the vacuum. It was turned into dusts.
“Wake up, folks,” He healed them and they woke up.
“So, what will you do? After all, the wolf is now gone,” Vanadis asked him.
“I think I’ll just go back and report this to my superiors. We’ll meet again sometime,” He walked towards the tunnel. “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I’m Riak Lomardin, a royal knight of Castyf,” He exited the place.
“Damn…I thought that we can kill the wolf but he ended up doing it for us,” Vanadis sighed at Isef.
“At least the threat is gone. Let’s wait for them to come back,” They continued to guard the place. At the meantime,
“This door…it’s very weird. Why light was emitted from it?” Tefia examined the door.
“Let’s go inside. We won’t get anything by standing here,” Orkaf walked towards the door. No one knows what are actually beond this door….


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