Route of Earth(Path 64-Cave Hunt Part Four)

The space beyond the door was actually the realm of saint. It was complete white void. They feel they were standing still, despite the saw the space as if it was a white universe.
“I’ve waited you for long. The power is now yours. Use it wisely,” An unknown sound was heard. Then, a brighter beam was shot at them. The energy of the beam went inside their dimensional storage and they were teleported outside. The door was disappeared, making the tunnel a dead end. The dead bodies disappeared as well. Then, crystals, rocks and gemstones started to grow in the tunnel. They quickly teleported outside of the tunnel to the sign. Back to Vanadis and Isef,
“What the heck is this?” Vanadis shocked at the crystals, rocks and gemstones growing around the area. They quickly teleported outside to the sign. After 15 minutes, they stopped growing upon reaching the sign. The guard was stunned and fell onto the ground upon looking at the tunnel completely sealed.
“So you have obtained the power. Good luck on your mission,” The guard saluted at them.
“Where shall we go next? We have pretty much time to deal with smugglers,” Lefio asked Vanadis.
“They are active at the south. We don’t really have troubles around the north. Still, I think we better go to Hazei. That armored knight might have something to inform you,” Vanadis replied him. They exited the cave and continued travelling to the east. At the meantime, in Hazei,
“What? You say demons? Those demons from Oittra are really tricky. I want you and your subordiantes to be aware of the possibility of the demons reaching this place, understand?” A man wearing khaki military uniform was ordering Riak.
“Yes, sir!” Riak answered him and walked outside. After a few seconds,
“Yes, you can come in now,” The man heard some knocking sounds. A girl with blue military uniform walked towards him. “So, how is it? What is the numbers?”
“15,172 were safe, 23,518 need minor medical attention, 9,274 requires major medical attention, 4,540 were retired due to irrecoverable injuries and 7,201 died. Our number of soldiers in active duty is now 53,046, excluding the ones returned from Ryscin. Should we send the safe troops to the borders? The royal rebels from Oittra have requested additional troops to guard the borders as they were managed to regain several cities,” She answered him.
“Send 5,000 first. The rest I’ll try to deal with the Castyf Guilds and Freelance Fighters Union and seek assistance. Yeah, if you know the whereabouts of the chosen one, get them. We need their help if we want to aid Oittra more efficiently,”
“I understand. I will execute your order,” She walked out the room.
“You have done a lot, my dear. Don’t wear out yourself too much,” He mumbled to himself while looking through the window behind his chair. At the meantime, at a dead end of a unused tunnel,
“So, they are coming to Hazei. Good. Now I can blow them myself!” A man in black formal clothing was looking through a tracking portal. Then, a reaper appeared in front of him.
“Don’t fail me this time. Your subordinates were eliminated when they are trying to smuggle things to Oittra’s demon soldiers. At least we can teleport over the goods. If you fail, I’ll kill you before I deal with them myself,” It gave an order before it teleported itself away.
“What? Damn…watch out, you filthy warriors. I will make sure that you will not pass Hazei alive,” He closed the portal and walked out the tunnel, moving towards Hazei. There are still time before they have their ambush….


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