Route of Earth(Path 65-Private Talk Part One)

While they were on their way,
“Should we have some break from all this fighting?” Tefia asked everyone.
“If you really want to, I have a place for you. There’s an inn build higher than where we are 100 meters from here. You can see the sky from there,” Vanadis answered her. “We’ll continue in case that people come to intercept you and we can warn you,” Just when they arrived at a junction he and Isef continued walking while the others walked to their left and climbed the stairs. After 25 minutes, they reached the Bare Ground Inn. It was built with its roof only 5 meters below the land’s ground. It looked like a castle, with uniforms reminiscent to castle workers. It has a glass ceiling with an invisible magic circle to clean away anything on it, allowing its visitors to look at the sky.
“Let’s have our stay, shall we?” Lefio winked at them. They quickly checked in their separate rooms and had some nap. Then, at night, around the inn, Tefia was practicing her close range combat with her ifnarisis. She swung her ifnarisis repeatedly as if she was slashing her target using blades from both ends. After 10 minutes, Orkaf walked towards her from her back.
“I haven’t seen you use your wand this way,” He walked past her and took out his doktionas. He launched the metal block upwards and formed a light beam blade. Then, he jumped upwards, stabbed through the metal block and threw the whole weapon as if it was a spear. She blocked it using her ifnarisis’s tail blade, but it was cracked at its tip.
“Your ability to utilize your weapon is impressive. I just wondered, are all miners are like you?” Tefia recovered the part. His doktionas dropped onto the ground and its light beam blade was disappeared. They looked at each other, feeling something totally different than before.
“I am actually a rarity among the miners. My doktionas is a gift from my dead father. People call him the mining knight, and one day I will eventually take his name. Most miners learn magic because they often encounter magical beasts. I do not learn magic at all because I prefer everything the physical way,” Orkaf walked to his front and picked up his doktionas.
“I see. I love magic a lot. It’s like art drawn with weapons. Everything is just plain colorful. But you managed to show me that physical attacks are a form of battle art as well. Your swipes are like doing calligraphy. Perhaps we do complement each other,” She walked back a bit.
“Yes. You use magic as if you are brawling. It’s like using brute strength the intelligent way,” Orkaf looked at his doktionas and saw no change in the weapon since they left the cave. “I don’t see any powers on my weapon. Perhaps something dangerous will trigger it,”
“True powers come from crisis. People will unleash their powers when they are desperate,” She looked at her ifnarisis and polished it with oil.
“Well, Tefia, I….” Orkaf walked towards her. “I…” He tried to stare her eyes but he was too embarrassed to do so.
“I know what you mean. I feel the same thing,” She hugged him and kissed his lips. “You looked like a barbarian, yet your mind and heart look like a gentleman,”
“You are a warrior of grace, a knight of valor and a fighter of work,”
“I just wondered why we don’t realize our love before that.” Tefia let go of him.
“Perhaps we are too busy to fight for this continent that we don’t have really much time to deal with other thing. But then, perhaps now is the best time,” He lied on the ground, looking at the starry sky. At the meantime, Lefio and Meltine were having talks somewhere else….


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