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Route of Earth(Path 79-Traces of War Part Two)

March 22, 2010

While they are on their way, they saw a spearman wearing bronze armor lying on the ground.
“What are you doing here? Or you were left behind by the rebels?” Tefia asked him.
“I was asked by the rebels to watch out for back attacks. Three back attacks have been detected. Now I suspect there are more. Yeah, I need to find my partner but she was missing. Perhaps she is now at Rinsk, but I can’t contact her at all,” He woke up and picked up his spear. “Let’s go,” He ran along the tunnel. The others quickly followed him. One day later, they arrived at Rinsk, an underground port town. There were nothing but warehouses and a tunnel leading to business use submarines. Another tunnel leading to residential areas was visible. The town seemed to be in peace, as if the battle against the demons never happened there, perhaps the citizens have restored the town after the battle ended
“Hey, that girl asked you to go to Latrio. We need new plans of invading Ticaran once and for all while attempting to attack Letila. We need something that can blast the seals without getting injured,” A guard ran towards them and delivered the message to them. They quickly left the town and moved south. At the meantime, in Latrio, inside a camp placed near the entrance to the castle,
“They are coming to us?” A man wearing simple clothes like a beggar asked everyone sitting around a big round table.
“Yes, but should we really call them to join us? Don’t forget that the demon’s activities around the northern areas started to increase,”
“If that’s the case we might need them to go and check out Wigos village,”
“No, they must go and think ways to blast off the seals. Don’t forget that even our long range spells can’t even damage the seal at all,”
“But what if the demons are regaining the northern area? We can’t dispatch our people and we were informed that there will be no more reinforcements for us,”
“I see. Whatever it is, let’s wait for them,” At the meantime, inside a dark vortex,
“The demon armies are ready, master. We can move on anytime,”
“Good job Qina, but build more of them. We should prepare some great surprise to the rebels in Oitrra. They think that they can defeat us easily, but they will learn their most painful lesson ever in their life,”
“But how about the chosen one? If we ignore them, they will definitely post a huge threat later on,”
“That’s why we have some decoys left to attack them. Just a few strong hollows will do,”
“There is another thing that bothers me. There are rebellion armies Letila which took over control of some of the villages. The demon armies in the villages were destroyed as well. Should we do something?”
“Just do it the usual way. They are merely a band of thugs. A big laser blast will do,”
“Yeah. See you later, master,” At the meantime, in Wigos village,
“Why they asking me to guard this place? This is really ridiculous,” A girl wearing formal wear was drinking coffee in a bar. After a few minutes, just after she left the bar, she saw a hollow attacking a few people. She quickly took out her pocket knives and start attacking the hollow. “Now I see why,” She threw her pocket knives coated with toxin on the hollow. After a few minutes, more of them showed up. She switched to a large artwork use knive and attacked them. Things are not going better….


Route of Earth(Path 78-Traces of War Part One)

March 21, 2010

After two days, they arrived at Korg, a village in Oittra near the borders. The wooden houses were all scratched, with brown colored sands filling the ground. It seemed that this place was under a war some time ago.
“You folks are late!” People around the village shouted at them as they walked past the streets. “What the hell you are doing?” The shouts were getting louder and louder. Some even threw eggs on them.
“Enough of that,” Two knights wearing double Z (an alloy made from 50% of Zicronium and 50% of Zinc) armor cast barrier on them. The people stopped shouting and throwing eggs on them. After a few seconds, they were teleported inside an administrative office inside the village. It was merely a desk near the entrance and a room inside with a long table and ten chairs.
“I guess we can’t help but to move on, isn’t? Those people must be very angry over us that we were not there when the rebels were fighting against the demons. After all, they seemed to forget that we have other important things to be done,” Lefio sighed while looking around at the simple house.
“I understand. We were forced to disobey our orders to block off people who wanted to kill you to aid the rebels. At least our superiors were pleased that we know our priorities,” A knight finally spoken.
“I’m Lokna Espira and she’s Sagin Widnea, the head guards of Korg. The actual head guard is now in the rebels so we took this position at his stake. Yeah, if you are wondering, now the rebels are trying to break through Latrio. That place is supposed to be the capital of Oittra but it was shifted to Ticaran, a city at south. The battle is so far so good, but what I feared most is Letila,” Lokna sat on the ground. The others quickly followed suit.
“Yeah. Until now the only news in Letila is the entrances to that country are now blocked off by very powerful seals that nothing can go in and out of that place. Some people even died just by getting close to it. The demons are really quite something,” Orkaf rubbed his head.
“I’m afraid that the rebels will be having a short victory before a big army go and crush them. If the demons really want to keep their ruling in Oittra with the size of the demon army they can just simply wipe them out. I’m sure that there are tricks that they employ,” Meltine rubbed her chin.
“We better get moving. It is always a good thing that we try to catch up with them,” Tefia stood up and turned to the entrance. The others quickly stood up as well.
“Yes. We’ll contact you if there is anything,” At the meantime, near the entrances to Latrio,
“Blast them with all what we got!” Laser blasts were launched through the cannons and long range spells. The demons were trying to resist, but the forces were starting to diminish. After an hour, the demon army in Latrio was defeated and the rebels rushed inside, claiming their victory. At the meantime, inside a dark vortex,
“So, how is the plan, Qina?”
“Just as good as usual. They don’t even know that those demons are fake. Let’s just say that our cloning skills are fine,”
“Good. Now build more armies and get ready for a real invasion,”
“Yes, master,” At the meantime, in a tunnel connecting Korg and Rinsk,
“Die, mortal,” A few gunshots were hitting a spearman. He quickly fought back using his stainless steel spear. A new companion will show up….

Route of Earth(Path 77-Temple of Traps)

March 20, 2010

After two days, Tefia and the others arrived at the Castra temple. It looked like an entrance to a Hindu temple. A man with white formal clothing and a girl with blue formal clothing was standing near the entrance. They quickly brandished their weapons and stared each other sharply.
“Wait a sec, if you mean by those demons we have disposed of them. We’ll go away and hopefully you’ll get the holy item,” They teleported themselves away.
“What a waste. Whatever it is, this seal will no longer exists,” Tefia threw her ifnarisis towards the seal and it was disappeared. The crosses suddenly flew out of her dimensional storage, teleporting her inside and the entrance was sealed again.
“Let’s wait here. There‘s nothing we can really do,” The rest simply rested on the ground. Inside the temple, she walked through a bridge to a floating platform and the bridge suddenly collapsed. Then, eight other platforms suddenly appeared from eight directions, with the platform she was standing at the center. Then, rock cones started to fell on her.
“This is insane!” She ran away from the rock cones. The platform get smaller and smaller as the rock cones made the platform broke little by little. She charged herself with wind aura and ran towards an edge before leaping to a northeastern platform. Her jump was very far that she stepped on its center, but she was forced to leap again when more rock cones dropped from the ceiling.
“This is just a little and you say this is insane?” A sniper was floating above with a faintly glowing spherical encasing on the encasing’s surface. She sniped Tefia using her sniper rifle and shot high speed bullets. Tefia moved faster to dodge the bullets, but she realized that it was a trap to make her fall faster. Tefia quickly took out her ifnarisis, threw it to the air while charging it with air aura and stepped on it when it reached the ground. It was acting like a jet.
“I am well prepared for this insanity. I will bring you down,” She flew upwards and the rock cones stopped dropping on her and the platforms were disappeared, but in a sudden ice needles were launched upwards. Tefia charged herself with wind aura and let the wind flowed on her which divert the needles away from her.
“I guess traps are useless against you anymore,” The sniper flew upwards quickly while shooting bullets of Tefia. Tefia took out her pair of pearl wands and blocked them. After a few minutes, she started to knock back the bullets back to the sniper, but she dodged them by flying randomly upwards.
“You are not escaping from me,” She flew upwards as well while launching slash waves on the sniper. She dodged the slash waves, yet she did not realize that she was approaching the ceiling. After a few minutes, she smashed onto the ceiling and fell down out of her consciousness. Then, the Ladrefin(god of storage)’s box suddenly appeared in front of her. “I guess this thing can be taken directly here,” She was teleported out from the temple. The seal on the temple’s entrance was still there.
“So, shall we go?” The others woke up and feel energized.
“Yes,” Tefia answered them and they quickly ran in the tunnel. At the meantime, inside a throne room,
“Lord Qina, our demon reinforcements were all defeated. The rebels will attack the central cities tomorrow and if we don’t do something our reign will be over,” An evil dragon reported to him.
“I see. Go and dispose them by yourself,” It gave the order. The war against a demonic country starts….

Route of Earth(Path 76-Intermission)

March 18, 2010

They went into a tunnel east from Isfa. It was bright that they could see long distances. While they are on their way,
“Where you are going? Shouldn’t you meet up with us?” A sound portal appeared in front of them.
“Demons in Oittra sent demons to attack a temple at the borders. If don’t do something the holy item would fall into their hands. I know this will make your team in dire condition, but please understand,” Tefia answered through the portal.
“And there is another problem. Some demons suddenly appeared in the cave between Mote and Isfa. Our calculations predict that they will arrive in one day. The guards will stand no chance against them. Can you call your friends to deal with them?”
“This is definitely no problem at all. We are now heading to Isfa directly and eliminate the demons. We can’t afford to have another batch of demon reinforcements,” Another sound portal appeared with Riak’s voice answering him.
“Good. Yeah, our intelligence suspect that there are civilians detected near the temple and none of the demons entered it. I assume that they are the smugglers. Kill them as well because they are wanted dead,”
“I understand, but I will not fight them if they are not as you predicted,” Tefia replied him. The communication was closed. At the meantime, inside a tunnel in Oittra,
“What? Isfa is now raided by demons and the chosen ones left for demons in the Castra temple? So, should we fall back?” A sound portal appeared in front of the rebels’ reinforcements.
“No. There are other people currently guarding the area with the city’s guards. If there is any problem I’ll send soldiers. Your job now is continue to pursue remaining demon reinforcements and prevent them from attacking the rebels. Don’t fail us, you are the final hope of Kotiva,” The communication was closed. At the meantime, in the capital of Oittra,
“Lord Qina, our backstabbing squad have been attack and only 30% of the demons survived. Our reinforcements were wiped out as well. Orders, my lord!” A skeleton knelt down in front him.
“Call them to stop their backstabbing operation and guard the remaining cities. We must stop them from invading us. Call the biologists to mass produce the viral bugs. They must never reach the central areas,”
“Yes, my lord,” The skeleton teleported itself away.
“The chosen one must be near…looks like it’s time to prepare this for them…hahahahaha!” It took out a short black rod and laughed manically. At the meantime, near the sealed entrance of the Castra temple,
“Hey, this is not what agreed upon, dude,” A few metal hollows (hollows with metal bodies) surprised that the briefcase shown to them by a few man in black clothing was smaller than they’ve expected.
“What’s the big deal? As long as you get your things it’s fine. We’ve just get attacked by some goons just now,” They smirked at the metal hollows.
“Oh, I see. Can I examine the briefcases?” They took the briefcases and opened them outward, i.e. facing the men in black. They quickly jumped away and removed their clothing. “Just as I expected. You shall not leave here alive!” The metal hollows changed their arms into lance pikes and dashed towards them.
“How dare you impersonating us!” A few man in black rushed towards them while taking out their scythes.
“I guess I’ll just kill you all. Don’t ever regret what you are doing now!” A man wearing white formal clothing took out a few flash spark emitters, charged them with photons and threw them. Everyone’s sight turned white, unable to see anything as the flash sparks were very bright, even brighter than flashbangs. A new struggle continues….

Route of Earth(Path 75-Back Raid)

March 13, 2010

After two days, they arrived at Isfa, a city full with meadows. Almost everything was empty, perhaps all the citizens except the guards were guarding the area were fighting inside the demons across the borders.
“You are late, folks. The demons has raided the borders in an attempt to eliminate our reinforcements,” A guard yelled at them, but a zombie appeared at her back. Fortunately, she sensed its presence and slashed it using her stainless steel sword.
“Just go! We’ll fight them off,” She continued to attack and it was finally turned into dusts, but suddenly a skull dragon appeared in the air. It charged itself with flame aura and blazed everywhere.
“No, with your current abilities you won’t stand a chance against it,” Tefia took out her ifnarisis and charged it with aqua aura. It was raining, but the flames became more intense. “Alcohol?” She charged her ifnarisis’s tail blade with frost aura and launched it and it was frozen as if it was immersed in liquid hydrogen. The flames were cooled down upon hitting the tail blade and the skull dragon was frozen upon getting pierced through by the tail blade.
“Looks like they are more ready than usual. Let’s see who will outsmart who!” Lefio took out a pair of axe halberd and dashed away from them, destroying a few dark portals appearing on the ground. Yet, more of them appeared from nowhere, but no demons were appearing.
“The dragon is still alive!” Meltine took out her machetes, switched the blades into bone crusher blades and threw them to the skull dragon. It was shattered into pieces, but the pieces turned into dusts and fall onto the dark portals. Then, skeletons were appeared on the portals.
“Outnumbering us? We’ll overturn you!” Orkaf took out his doktionas, jumped while spinning himself like a hammer throw athlete and threw it. It spun around the skeletons, crushing them one by one.
“Great job, Orkaf!” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with photons, positrons and neutrons. Then, she stabbed it onto the ground and random laser, positron and neutron beams were launched randomly like fireworks, but they did not explode midair but fell down onto the skeletons.
“Let’s finish them right now! Dusts of pirecers!” Meltine threw her machetes upwards and turned them into dusts. The dusts dropped like snow, but they slowly thrust through the skeletons like acid corrosions. The skeletons were still appearing despite being destroyed repeatedly.
“I guess the portals are the main thing. I guess I have to do this no matter what!” Lefio threw his halberd while charging it with land aura. Upon hitting, its ceiling grew stalactites which were falling down onto them and crushing the portals, effectively killing all of them.
“Whoa, you folks are great. It is far better than what rumors said,” The guard gave thumbs up to them. “Maybe you want to hang out in the bar to get better information,” She walked away from them. They went into the bar, located at the center of the city. It was a wild wild west style bar, completely wooden made with specialized doors.
“I’m glad that you come. As you know, everyone gone into the frontlines to eliminate demon troops from destroying the reinforcement team to the Oittra rebels and you know better what you are doing. However, I have a bad news to you. The demons are trying to break through a shrine temple around the borders to obtain a holy item. I know this is hard for you, but please get the holy items first. Our struggle will be in vain once they managed to do so,” A bartender told them. The bar was empty, but they ignored it and left the bar quickly. Now this is a really hard choice….

Route of Earth(Path 74-Obelisk Plate of Doom)

March 12, 2010

Suddenly, a black portal appeared in front of Tefia and the others. Evil aura was charged on the portal.
“Block it! It’s gonna blow us!” Everyone cast wall and blocked a black colored blast for 10 seconds. The wall shattered after the blast ended. At the meantime,
“Whoa! Everyone, teleport!” A black colored blast was seen emitted and everyone teleported themselves away to a nearby pathway. Then, walked out and met up with Tefia and the others. “So, she is….” Tolea felt weird of the black seal.
“Let’s ignore them for…!” A larger portal appeared above them without being noticed and a blast was launched at them, knocking everyone out. After a few seconds, Tolea and Yolnes woke up while the rest were still knocked out.
“Here it comes!” The portal appeared again in front of them. This time, Tolea smashed it into pieces using his hoe. Then, it was reformed, but with a barrier. “Don’t tell me that this is the obelisk plate of doom,”
“I’m afraid that you are right,” Yolnes took out her gardening scissors and split them into short lances with long blades. The portal was filled with evil aura and rammed towards them. They quickly charged their weapons with holy aura and threw them to block the plate. The weapons pierced through and made holes on it, but the plate still moving towards them.
“This is just as bad,” Tolea teleported his hoe back to his right hand and swung it as if it was a baseball bat. The barrier was shattered and it moved back a few meters, but it quickly moved again. Yolnes teleported her lances and attached them, forming a longer double blade lance and blocked it by stabbing the portal.
“Maybe this is better,” Tolea threw his hoe onto the portal and took out a cylindrical metal block attached to a rod. “Stay back, Yolnes!” He yelled at her while charging towards the portal. She quickly teleported to his back. He hit the portal and it was turned into dusts.
“I guess it can’t handle full frontal assault,” They had some rest after healing everyone. After 1 hour, everyone woke up and the black seal disappeared.
“Had enough of fun? Do you know that we just had some big trouble?” Tolea rushed inside and pointed his hoe to Riak.
“Calm down. At least they killed the boss,” Yolnes dragged his neck back to the tunnel. They gathered together.
“What should we do next? I suspect that demons are now trying to seep through the borders,” Xadio asked everyone.
“We’ll inspect Hazei and Mote. You and your partners should go to Isfa and get the latest news. The rebels around the borders might need your help,” Vanadis answered everyone. They nodded and parted ways. At the meantime, in Isfa, inside a big mansion
“What? The demons appeared in the borders and attempt to back striking the rebels?” A man was shouting over a sound portal.
“Yes, we need emergency reinforcements right now!”
“I understand,” He closed the communication. “Everyone, march to the borders! We’ll let the tavern people handle the chosen one!” He yelled with a loud voice and he was teleported away, leaving no one inside. Then, in the borders,
“They think that we don’t know their plans, but we know too well,” A wolf was running in a grass laden tunnel, looking at its subordinates. Then, suddenly,
“!” A few people in military uniform appeared on it back. Sounds of fighting echoed around the tunnel. Some demons fell back to aid while some others continued their plans to attack from behind. The chaos is still going on….

Route of Earth(Path 73-Romantic Sidetracking Part Five)

March 9, 2010

A barrier was formed, separating Riak and the man in black clothing from others. They stared each other sharply like archenemies hating each other for centuries.
“Sirkias Alnia, you total arsehole!” Riak charged his sword and ejected the side blades from it, forming a bow. He took it and shot his sword on Sirkias.
“Yeah, if I’m a total arsehole you are a total wimp!” Sirkias merely took the sword using his bare hands and threw it back to him. He quickly threw the bow as if it was a horizontal moving boomerang, caught the sword and stabbed him right at the bow when it hit him. The bow were split and returned to the sword.
“This is for Illiana!” He stabbed through Sirikias’s body and pulled it out before jumping backwards. Sirikias merely stood still despite his wounds were deep. Then, he charged the wounds with toxin aura and the wounds were healed up. “This is….”
“Well, I sided the demons and gave me such ability. Now let’s see what happens if this poison hits you!” He took out a titanium hammer with lance pike, charged it with toxin aura and knocked it onto the ground. Toxic liquid were formed on Riak’s armor, but it never penetrated into his body. Illiana, who was still chained, became worried.
“Your armor is not as strong as you think, Riak. Let me help you,” She charged herself with holy aura and light spots covered his armor as if snow was falling on it. The toxic liquid on his armor was disappeared.
“You won’t change, are you?” He absorbed the light spots as his sword’s holy aura, yet Sirikias teleported to his front and knocked him onto the barrier using his hammer. The barrier and his armor were cracked and some of the cracks penetrated his clothes, injuring him. His sword’s holy aura was dissipated as well.
“Take this!” Sirikias charged his feet with evil aura and kicked him. His armor turned black and fell onto the ground, losing his consciousness. Inside his mind,
“Uuuugh…I’m not died yet…I must get out of here….” Riak woke up inside a well. He took out his swords and attached a pair on his feet while holding a pair on his hands. He climbed through the well by stabbing the swords through the well. Then, suddenly a saint with teal wings caught him from behind and flew him upwards. “This touch…it’s so familiar…is it you, Illiana?” He closed his eyes, but the image of he knocked out in the cave appeared. “Wake up, Riak,”
“You will, and don’t disappoint me, Ripple,” She whispered to him. He was brought out from the well. Back into the cave,
“How pathetic. Let’s see how she will feel if she sees her beloved gets killed!” He dragged Riak so that Illiana would see him and charged his hammer with wind aura without realizing that his armor returned into normal. Just when he swung his hammer downwards,
“Sorry, but it will be a disgrace for her if I let her see my ruined state in front of everyone else,” Riak turned around and dodged the attack. He held the hammer and flowed bolt aura into it. Sirikias was electrocuted and turned into dusts. He ran into the dead end while leaving the barriers intact.
“I’m sorry and will you forgive me?” Illiana was freed and healed. She stood up and tried to kiss him but she was slapped instead.
“Why you call me Ripple in my dreams? This is just sound ridiculous,” He wore his helmet and covered his face. He turned around, trying to leave the place but he hesitated.
“Because you are causing ripples in my heart, like ripples of a water wave. I like it,” She hugged him from behind. “I promise, I won’t leave you anymore like what I did 3 years ago. Let’s go back to the happy days, shall we?”
“No, because we will create our own future which is far better than what we have in the past,” He removed his helmet and gloves. She let go of him and lied on the ground. The barrier was disappeared but the entrance to the dead end was sealed with a black seal. No one could see anything beyond it. But this is not completely over yet….

Route of Earth(Path 72-Romantic Sidetracking Part Four)

March 8, 2010

“Well, are you sure that you are going to expend your energies?” The golem charged itself with non-elemental aura and emitted unknown waves everywhere, draining everyone’s energy that they could not even stand.
“You…I guess this is the only way I can fight,” Riak absorbed the waves and regained his energy. His armor was emitting steam, perhaps due to the charging of aqua aura while the armor was burning. He took out a sword with a spear tip and dashed towards it.
“You think you are the only one who can do that? You are totally wrong!” Orkaf absorbed the energy from the waves and used them to charge his doktionas with metal aura. It became larger and looked like a large hammer. He launched the metal block while forming a javelin tip extending from its handle and threw it to the golem.
“Oh, so you know how to fight against me, huh? Let’s have some fun with this!” The metal block missed as it dodged the attack and it caught the javelin, using it to stab Riak when he came close. His armor and body was thrust through and he became weak. He charged himself with wind aura and ejected the javelin, damaging both of them.
“I guess this is what people mean by damaging self to give more to enemy,” He healed himself and cross slashed it, pushing it 12 meters backward and made it fall onto the ground. Then, Orkaf dashed and jumped over his shoulders while charging his feet with space aura.
“Space stomp!” He stomped the golem and crushed its torso, but it was quickly reformed and his feet were stuck inside. “This is not sufficient to bring me down, moron!” He charged his feet with acid aura and quickly freed himself by jumping out from the cavity formed by the acid. He resized and reformed his doktionas back to its original state.
“You…damn….” The golem charged the cavity with photons and shot a laser blast from it, filling the cavity with diamonds. “Now this is what you really get from decaying me!” It charged the diamonds with frost aura and emitted freezing beams on them, but they blocked them using their weapons and the weapons ended up covered with one centimeter thick of ice.
“Thanks for supplying free aura for us, asshole!” Orkaf launched the metal block again to the golem while Riak charged towards it as if he was playing rugby. This time, the metal block hit the golem first and stuck on its body before it penetrated through the golem’s torso when Riak smashed it, turning it into dusts. They quickly had some rest. After one day, they woke up and continued to move towards the cave, but suddenly,
“Aid us! We were ambushed by the smugglers!” An image portal appeared in front of them. Tolea and Yolnes were fighting people in black clothing where they were surrounded. Vanadis, Isef, Xadio and Formalin teleported themselves away and the image portal was closed. At the meantime, in the front entrance of the cave,
“Thanks for your aid. Let’s have some blood fest today!” Tolea dashed to his front and smacked enemies using his hoe. The others quickly followed suit. At the meantime,
“You are just as great as the day you married me. I just wondered what Riak will think if he knows this,” He wore his Kevlar and Dacron suits. He turned around and walked out of the dead end, but he was quickly confronted by Riak and the others.
“Folks, stay back. This is my personal grudge against him,” He took out a sword with triangular cross guards and an octahedral topaz embedded on the hilt. Six blades aligned themselves as if they were radii of a circle.
“Riak…you’ve finally come…save me….” Illiana saw him and cried. The fight for love begins….

Route of Earth(Path 71-Romantic Sidetracking Part Three)

March 7, 2010

After a day, they arrived at the secret tunnel. Everyone took out their weapons and formed reinforcing barriers on them, ensuring that they last long enough to get through the place.
“Let’s go,” The started wreaking havoc by slaying monsters inside the tunnel. The tunnel was like a zoo of monsters. The fight was very long that they spent most of the time absorbing aura from the dead bodies to prevent potion consumption. At the meantime, in Mote, a city with forests everywhere,
“Who are you? You looked suspicious,” A courier (a variant of transporter, who travels through town to town to get clients rather than having guilds) was confronted by a few reapers.
“I come here to seek customers and send this to your boss. You can examine it if you want,” She took out a green box to them. The opened it and they fell onto the ground as they smelled noxious gas that knocked them out instantly. Then, she continued to walk towards a tunnel leading south. After 20 minutes, a doctor with white uniform suddenly chasing her.
“How dare you trick us! I’ll make sure that you don’t reach Isef no matter what!” He took out a syringe and injected acid inside it towards her. She quickly ran inside and the acid dropped onto the ground instead. It formed deep holes before they were restored.
“Looks like my plan has been discovered,” She took out her stainless steel sword with gun modules installed on the cross guards, readying to attack the doctor if needed. Then, suddenly, he appeared on her front and strangled her neck, choking her in the process while grabbing her sword.
“You…I won’t…allow you…to do…this…on me….” She shot laser beams randomly, hoping that they were reflected through the walls and hit him. He was hit and got distracted. She quickly slashed him, dashed backwards and shot more laser beams on him, but he absorbed them and he was healed instead.
“Now let’s see how you can withstand this!” He took out a pair scalpel and dashed towards her. Then, suddenly,
“Let her go,” A hoe was dropped from above. He quickly dashed backwards while throwing a few toxic needles on her, but the hoe blocked them. A man with farmer’s clothing appeared in front of her.
“Who are you? Why you are helping me?” She dashed backwards and shot the laser beams on the doctor, but he quickly teleported himself away.
“I have the same purpose with you, is to aid the chosen one and her friends,” He ran along the tunnel’s path. “Why are you hesitating? Are you going to wait for them to kill Illiana?”
“I see. Let’s go. We have no time to rest,” She quickly followed him. “So, how should I call you?”
“My name is Tolea Pkifin, a farmer who worked under a commercial plantation field,” He removed his hat.
“My name is Yolnes Osdir, a courier working all over the continent,” She looked away from him. Back to Tefia and the others, after one day of struggle,
“Damn…they are really nasty. We can’t have rest, but if we go on we will become too exhausted to fight,” Riak removed his armor and cleaned it with a cloth.
“Yeah, we don’t really have a choice. Let’s have some rest,” Xadio, in his bat form, had some sleep on the ground. Everyone quickly slept as well. Then, suddenly, shockwaves woke them up.
“A golem…appearing at such a time…This guy is really, really nasty. Let’s fight against it and have some real rest after that!” They stood up and took out their weapons. The tough fight ensues….

Route of Earth(Path 70-Romantic Sidetracking Part Two)

March 6, 2010

After shopping for an hour, they left the city through its western tunnel leading to Mote. While they were on their way, halfway between Mote and Isfa,
“Hey, Riak, isn’t that she was married to a shopkeeper in Isfa?” Vanadis asked him. His flames on his armor were burning brightly.
“I know that, but I know that she was recently divorced because he cheated on her. Some rumors even said that he is currently kidnapping her,” Riak let flame aura surrounded him to ensure that the flames were in control. After a few minutes,
“Looks like they know we are going to rescue her. Let’s slay her!” A girl with white tube-top gown appeared in front of them. Orkaf took out his doktionas and charged towards her. She merely stood still. Then, suddenly a black colored magic circle appeared out of nowhere and blocked him.
“Xadio? What the hell you are doing here?” Xadio appeared behind the magic circle, which was slowly fading. After a few seconds, he transformed into a man in green cloak.
“We are not fighting against you, but I have to stop you to prevent smugglers in Mote from killing their captives. I got some information that the smugglers want the chosen one’s presence only. If anyone coming with her they will kill their captive. I’m sure that this is not what you want,” He took out a topaz wand with sonic wave circles appearing above it.
“I know what you mean. Should I say that we might bypass the city and get to them directly?” Tefia took out her ifnarisis.
“Yes. I know that place very well. But get ready, the path leading there is full with monsters and we can’t use mass destructive powers to prevent getting noticed,” Xadio walked at the opposite direction they were heading to. The others quickly followed him. “How dare they use that place to do such an unlawful things,”
“Wait a sec first. Since when you have a girlfriend?” Lefio felt weird of the girl’s existence.
“Well, I ‘saved’ her from a forced marriage and she decided to follow me ‘to her last breath of life’,” Xadio blushed upon hearing the question. The girl was blushed as well. Suddenly, Riak’s face became pale and his flames on his armor were extinguished.
“Don’t tell me that you are Formalin Nileto, the daughter of the army’s royal marshal,” Riak’s armor became cold in a sudden.
“Yes, but my father actually very happy over this and told me to stay with the one who save me. I know you are worried, but joining you is his demand so let’s slay them into ashes!” Formalin took out her pair of skatia. They looked like ski poles with a blade ring as its cross guard, with blades designed for upward slashing. Riak’s armor became burning again, with more intense flames.
“I guess no one can escape love after all. Let’s go,” Meltine sighed. At the meantime, inside a dead end of a cave’s tunnel,
“I’m really regretted that I was not choosing that armored knight 3 years ago!” Illiana was shouting at a man with black clothing and mask. She was tied on the ground with her hands and legs chained.
“Yeah, and he’s trying to woo you back. But I have a special surprise for him and his companions, which they don’t know that I’ve known their tricks. Let’s see if he can make it to here. They will be able to come here, but with the surprise I can simply wipe them out. At the meantime, how about something that we usually did before?” He walked towards her. She was crying while praying that Riak will save her. This task will become harder to deal….