Route of Earth(Path 66-Private Talk Part Two)

At the meantime, Lefio was looking at the inn’s surroundings with Meltine. The room was simply a wooden room with a single bed. There were two windows separated 30 centimeters away from each other. Looking through the windows separately, they started to feel bored.
“I thought that demons have grudges against the saints,” Meltine took out her machete and polished it with olive oil.
“As long as the god of demons stays in the realm of saint we have no reason to fight against them. Our job is to handle evil which the saints can’t handle in the past and it will never change for the days to come,” Lefio walked away from the window and leaned against a wall beside the bed.
“Yeah, it’s unique that we don’t really fight against each other. Perhaps in other worlds demons and saints are in constant war, or even either side of them were eliminated,” Meltine’s machete blade was shining under the moon light. She switched its hilt to a parang hilt and felt its grip smooth, perhaps due to use of some sort of wood.
“Why you use a machete and its variants? It’s rare to see one nowadays,” Lefio lied on the bed, leaving half of its space purposedly.
“Because they are light but powerful. Their damage per mass ratio is high compared to swords. In fact, I liked magic better but I hate wands so I use them as substitute for physical attacks,” She sat on the bed, refusing to lie beside him.
“I see. The axe halberd I’m using now is the gift to me by my father before my family was exiled and parted ways. I missed him and my mother. I don’t know how they are doing now. Perhaps they have their own doings over there. Just hope that they will go back to the realm of satan once this is over,” He turned and face her back. Her wings were very feathery, which a hug might give warmth.
“My parents were long dead. I was raised by my uncle and his maids, but I’m pretty much acting like a man rather than a guy back then. Speaking of that, I would say that most people in the realm of saint hate me because of this trait, but now I’m becoming less and less showing that side of myself here. Perhaps it’s because of you, Lefio. I don’t know why,” She stood up and turned around. Lefio sat on the bed instead of standing up.
“You love me. I love you too. That’s the reason. You might don’t believe this, but at least you have a crush on me early on,” He spread out his black wings. The shapes of the wings matched exactly. They remained silent for a few minutes. Then, Lefio stood out from the bed and kissed her lips. The wings touched each other.
“Oh, Lefio…I….” She was too embarrassed by his moves, but she quickly shrugged it off and closed her eyes, enjoying the moment.
“I know what you actually meant. You don’t want to descend to the realm of life, aren’t you?”
“Perhaps it worth all the trouble we have gone through. To most saints, exiled to the realm of life is breakfree from rules of life. Are you ready for that?”
“I will. We might be the polar opposites, but that is what brings us together. Let’s end this quickly so that we can finally get together,” They let go of each other. At the meantime, inside a tunnel leading to Hazei,
“Are you sure of this?” A man in black clothing was communicating through a sound portal.
“Definitely. They don’t come to us after a few days. There’s no other reason,”
“I understand,” He closed the communication. Something is not good….


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