Route of Earth(Path 67-Blocking Siege)

After 20 minutes running inside the tunnel, Vanadis and Isef encountered a smuggler in black clothing, completely covered his body and carrying a black briefcase containing pure titanium.
“Are you smuggling metals around?” Vanadis took out his vacro sword and pointed it at him.
“No, I have permit for that. But do you know who are they?” He showed a picture of Tefia and others. They were shocked how the picture could be produced. “You know them and I know exactly where they are. Now go away or I’ll kill you!” He threw his briefcase away and took out a laser gun, shooting laser beams on the ground which exploded and injured their legs.
“I see. Now go the hell you god damned one!” Vanadis ran towards him while reflecting the laser beams back to him. The laser beams exploded midair, but its explosion did not affect his movements, just when he came close,
“Flame waterfall fizat!” Isef took out her sword, charged it with flame aura and cast the spell. A magic circle appeared on his head and flames dropped onto him like a waterfall. He was burned and distracted by the spell, allowing Vanadis to attack launch a wave slash attack on him (an attack that slashes and launches a slash wave on the target at the same time) just after the spell ended. He was slid away by the attack.
“What is it kind of power?” He cast friction on himself and stopped moving after 5 meters. Then, he shot another few laser beams, but this time at the ceiling and rocks falling down from the tunnel and they were separated by a wall of rocks. “Well, you might not know this too,” He charged himself with wind and sky auras. Then, he charged towards the wall, and stopped suddenly upon hitting; knocking the rocks away and they flew like giant baseballs. They were nit and buried under the rocks.
“You have really powerful skill shown here, but throwing rocks on us is cheating! Take this!” The rocks rose and float midair. After a few seconds, they turned into numerous amounts of rock needles and all of them moved towards him simultaneously, leaving no room to dodge at all. He was hit and fainted. They quickly sealed him and teleported him away.
“Looks like we must tell them to move right now,” Isef told Vanadis and he nodded. They quickly teleported themselves to the inn and rushed inside.
“Tefia, we are getting trouble! We must move now!” Vanadis knocked Tefia’s room. She quickly answered and called out the others. After they checked out from the inn, they cast flash and restless on themselves and ran in the tunnel very swiftly. At the meantime, in Hazei,
“What did you say? Someone was sent to kill the chosen one and her companions? Call Lokna and Sagin and call them to guard the two tunnels right now,” The man in khaki uniform ordered a low ranked soldier who received the smuggler’s sealed body. “The smugglers are now getting better in getting information. I have to be quieter, but there are possibilities for insiders to be involved…who are the traitors who dare to do this?” He mumbled to himself. At the meantime,
“5,000? Are you kidding me? Or…I see. Smugglers are a national threat to Castyf for years so they are needed to fight against them. But thanks for the soldiers and future help from you. After all, fighters are generally as good as soldiers,” A rebel from Oittra received the news from the girl in blue uniform. She quickly teleported herself back to Hazei. Things are not getting better…


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