Route of Earth(Path 68-Emergency Discussion)

After one day of travelling, they arrived at Hazei. It is a city with tiled grounds and layouts of a ground city. The ceiling was also full with ceramic tiles. Street lights were placed beside the streets, giving some sort of antiquated feeling.
“Are you Tefia Rypal?” A guard asked them. She nodded and they were quickly dragged to the center, which is the military office of the city. It was a city administration center at first, but it was moved away to another building since the demon outbreak. They were brought up to the building’s top floor and walked along a hall with green carpet and reached a door at the end of the hallway.
“Colonel, I’ve brought the chosen and her friends here,” A guard dragging them called someone from outside of the room.
“Bring them in. If the lt. colonel comes, bring her in as well,” An unknown sound replied her. The door was opened and they went inside. The room, unlike what they had expected, just merely a wooden room with a desk and a window behind it. A man with khaki military uniform sat on a cushion chair.
“Thanks for coming. We have some serious matter to talk about. I’m Colonel Jarnac Balion, a military officer in Castyf. I’m very sorry if my subordinates are very rude,” He charged himself with metal aura and four platinum chairs appeared in front of them. They walked slowly and sat on the chairs. “Our country’s military force requests your assistance to aid in Oittra’s rebellion against the demons. We do have a very good supply of soldiers, but due to citizen protests we are unable to send soldiers as much as we used to. We are trying to discuss with guilds and freelance fighters but chances that we are getting aids are slim. So, please help us,”
“We will, but in return, we would want to know the whereabouts of the holy items. It is rumored that there is one in this country. We would want to know about it as soon as possible. In fact, Oittra is far away from here so it will definitely take some time for us to get there. Maybe you want us to exterminate the smugglers as well. We are well aware that the smugglers work for the demons. What do you think about this?” Tefia asked him.
“I have no news about the holy item, but rumors say that they are in a temple in Isfa, a southern village of Castyf. As for the smugglers, thanks for your offer and we are more than welcome for you to exterminate them. Wait a sec,” He was speaking and suddenly the door was knocked. “Come in,” The girl in blue military uniform and Riak went inside.
“We have things to report to you, sir!”
“I think you’ve known the knight, but as for the girl, she is Lieutenant Colonel Acena Zinat, second in command for this demon crisis after me. And….” He tried to continue but she made a coughing sound, signaling him to not telling their husband and wife relationship.
“As for the negotiation, they agreed to send 3000 guild members and 2000 freelance fighters, yet they demand payment of 200 Gleds for each person they send. Here’s the bill and I hope that the treasury will allow this. We need the money as soon as possible,” Acena reported to him with calm voice.
“I have dispatched all of my subordinates of patrol duties. I request permission to join them in exterminating Oittra’s demons,” Riak followed suit.
“If the treasury refuses, I’ll pay them with my salary. Be sure to follow up the rest and join them if needed. And Captain Riak, this is what I’ll order you today,” He replied both of them. “This is it for today and I hope you will start your tasks right now,” They nodded and left the room. Their missions start now….


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