Route of Earth(Path 69-Romantic Sidetracking Part One)

After three days, they arrived at Jerla, the capital of Castyf. Its layout is exactly the same with Hazei, except that there is a stainless steel castle at the center.
“So, what should we do? We need to collect rumors about the smugglers if we want to bust them,” Riak asked everyone.
“Go to a bar or tavern. That’s the center of rumors. But I don’t see one nearby,” Orkaf quickly answered him. “Maybe a public postage board (similar with BBS in the Earth’s internet but done manually) will do,”
“Bars are banned here as a campaign to eliminate alcohol in this country and the post boards are all requests. Let’s go to the guild centers and see if the guild members have anything for us,” Vanadis replied him with a sarcastic tone. Then, after wandering through the streets, they found the guild centers surrounding the castle. Guild members were having chats regardless of what guilds they are joining in, while some others sticking papers with rumors or announcements in them on the walls.
“The chosen one is here!” A guild member with cowboy clothing yelled upon noticing them. Some people stopped chatting and walked inside the guild centers while some others quickly approached them.
“We better split and get as much information as possible,” Tefia told them and they went separate ways to prevent getting too crowded. After 10 seconds, a gunshot was heard.
“Don’t block the streets, please,” A soldier told everyone through a sound amplifying portal. They quickly stepped aside and sat on the chairs surrounding the tables placed between the guild centers while Tefia and the others were forced to stand.
“I never thought that I will get this much of attention here,” Tefia sat on the ground.
“We are here to help you. Oittra is in danger and as the people of the Kotiva continent are responsible to aid the distressed peoples,” A guild member with blue jacket and white trousers threw a piece of crumbled paper to her. She quickly opened it up and it read:
“To all guild people and freelance fighters,
I’ve captured your leader, Illiana Miquel and prisoned her in an empty cavern between Isfa and Mote. If you want to save her, bring to us the chosen ones or I’ll kill her in two weeks

Smugglers from Oittra”
Tefia was shocked upon reading it and passed the paper to the others.
“Looks like they are going to be more serious this time,” Lefio commented at the letter upon reading it. Other guild members gave them more copies of the letter.
“Take this. You’ll need it if you want to stay at Mote,” A guild member with khaki robe threw a green card to each of them. “Without this you will be chased out from the city at night,”
“Thanks,” Meltine bowed at her.
“If you need to buy anything we are willing to get sell them at cost price,” A guild member guarding a counter yelled at them. “Be careful when you are in the cave. The giant spiders are hard to fight against because It can spit poisonous acid on you and it will take hours to dry it,”
“I will not forgive them!” Riak suddenly punched the ground and yelled. Everyone was shocked and looked at him. “Let’s get supplies and move at once. We don’t want to lose valuable time,” He walked away from them.
“Poor Riak…I guess he wants to use this to woo her back,” A guild member sighed. The others quickly followed him. He looked emotionally unstable and ripping the letter into pieces, throwing them away. The sidequest begins….


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