Route of Earth(Path 70-Romantic Sidetracking Part Two)

After shopping for an hour, they left the city through its western tunnel leading to Mote. While they were on their way, halfway between Mote and Isfa,
“Hey, Riak, isn’t that she was married to a shopkeeper in Isfa?” Vanadis asked him. His flames on his armor were burning brightly.
“I know that, but I know that she was recently divorced because he cheated on her. Some rumors even said that he is currently kidnapping her,” Riak let flame aura surrounded him to ensure that the flames were in control. After a few minutes,
“Looks like they know we are going to rescue her. Let’s slay her!” A girl with white tube-top gown appeared in front of them. Orkaf took out his doktionas and charged towards her. She merely stood still. Then, suddenly a black colored magic circle appeared out of nowhere and blocked him.
“Xadio? What the hell you are doing here?” Xadio appeared behind the magic circle, which was slowly fading. After a few seconds, he transformed into a man in green cloak.
“We are not fighting against you, but I have to stop you to prevent smugglers in Mote from killing their captives. I got some information that the smugglers want the chosen one’s presence only. If anyone coming with her they will kill their captive. I’m sure that this is not what you want,” He took out a topaz wand with sonic wave circles appearing above it.
“I know what you mean. Should I say that we might bypass the city and get to them directly?” Tefia took out her ifnarisis.
“Yes. I know that place very well. But get ready, the path leading there is full with monsters and we can’t use mass destructive powers to prevent getting noticed,” Xadio walked at the opposite direction they were heading to. The others quickly followed him. “How dare they use that place to do such an unlawful things,”
“Wait a sec first. Since when you have a girlfriend?” Lefio felt weird of the girl’s existence.
“Well, I ‘saved’ her from a forced marriage and she decided to follow me ‘to her last breath of life’,” Xadio blushed upon hearing the question. The girl was blushed as well. Suddenly, Riak’s face became pale and his flames on his armor were extinguished.
“Don’t tell me that you are Formalin Nileto, the daughter of the army’s royal marshal,” Riak’s armor became cold in a sudden.
“Yes, but my father actually very happy over this and told me to stay with the one who save me. I know you are worried, but joining you is his demand so let’s slay them into ashes!” Formalin took out her pair of skatia. They looked like ski poles with a blade ring as its cross guard, with blades designed for upward slashing. Riak’s armor became burning again, with more intense flames.
“I guess no one can escape love after all. Let’s go,” Meltine sighed. At the meantime, inside a dead end of a cave’s tunnel,
“I’m really regretted that I was not choosing that armored knight 3 years ago!” Illiana was shouting at a man with black clothing and mask. She was tied on the ground with her hands and legs chained.
“Yeah, and he’s trying to woo you back. But I have a special surprise for him and his companions, which they don’t know that I’ve known their tricks. Let’s see if he can make it to here. They will be able to come here, but with the surprise I can simply wipe them out. At the meantime, how about something that we usually did before?” He walked towards her. She was crying while praying that Riak will save her. This task will become harder to deal….


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