Route of Earth(Path 71-Romantic Sidetracking Part Three)

After a day, they arrived at the secret tunnel. Everyone took out their weapons and formed reinforcing barriers on them, ensuring that they last long enough to get through the place.
“Let’s go,” The started wreaking havoc by slaying monsters inside the tunnel. The tunnel was like a zoo of monsters. The fight was very long that they spent most of the time absorbing aura from the dead bodies to prevent potion consumption. At the meantime, in Mote, a city with forests everywhere,
“Who are you? You looked suspicious,” A courier (a variant of transporter, who travels through town to town to get clients rather than having guilds) was confronted by a few reapers.
“I come here to seek customers and send this to your boss. You can examine it if you want,” She took out a green box to them. The opened it and they fell onto the ground as they smelled noxious gas that knocked them out instantly. Then, she continued to walk towards a tunnel leading south. After 20 minutes, a doctor with white uniform suddenly chasing her.
“How dare you trick us! I’ll make sure that you don’t reach Isef no matter what!” He took out a syringe and injected acid inside it towards her. She quickly ran inside and the acid dropped onto the ground instead. It formed deep holes before they were restored.
“Looks like my plan has been discovered,” She took out her stainless steel sword with gun modules installed on the cross guards, readying to attack the doctor if needed. Then, suddenly, he appeared on her front and strangled her neck, choking her in the process while grabbing her sword.
“You…I won’t…allow you…to do…this…on me….” She shot laser beams randomly, hoping that they were reflected through the walls and hit him. He was hit and got distracted. She quickly slashed him, dashed backwards and shot more laser beams on him, but he absorbed them and he was healed instead.
“Now let’s see how you can withstand this!” He took out a pair scalpel and dashed towards her. Then, suddenly,
“Let her go,” A hoe was dropped from above. He quickly dashed backwards while throwing a few toxic needles on her, but the hoe blocked them. A man with farmer’s clothing appeared in front of her.
“Who are you? Why you are helping me?” She dashed backwards and shot the laser beams on the doctor, but he quickly teleported himself away.
“I have the same purpose with you, is to aid the chosen one and her friends,” He ran along the tunnel’s path. “Why are you hesitating? Are you going to wait for them to kill Illiana?”
“I see. Let’s go. We have no time to rest,” She quickly followed him. “So, how should I call you?”
“My name is Tolea Pkifin, a farmer who worked under a commercial plantation field,” He removed his hat.
“My name is Yolnes Osdir, a courier working all over the continent,” She looked away from him. Back to Tefia and the others, after one day of struggle,
“Damn…they are really nasty. We can’t have rest, but if we go on we will become too exhausted to fight,” Riak removed his armor and cleaned it with a cloth.
“Yeah, we don’t really have a choice. Let’s have some rest,” Xadio, in his bat form, had some sleep on the ground. Everyone quickly slept as well. Then, suddenly, shockwaves woke them up.
“A golem…appearing at such a time…This guy is really, really nasty. Let’s fight against it and have some real rest after that!” They stood up and took out their weapons. The tough fight ensues….


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