Route of Earth(Path 72-Romantic Sidetracking Part Four)

“Well, are you sure that you are going to expend your energies?” The golem charged itself with non-elemental aura and emitted unknown waves everywhere, draining everyone’s energy that they could not even stand.
“You…I guess this is the only way I can fight,” Riak absorbed the waves and regained his energy. His armor was emitting steam, perhaps due to the charging of aqua aura while the armor was burning. He took out a sword with a spear tip and dashed towards it.
“You think you are the only one who can do that? You are totally wrong!” Orkaf absorbed the energy from the waves and used them to charge his doktionas with metal aura. It became larger and looked like a large hammer. He launched the metal block while forming a javelin tip extending from its handle and threw it to the golem.
“Oh, so you know how to fight against me, huh? Let’s have some fun with this!” The metal block missed as it dodged the attack and it caught the javelin, using it to stab Riak when he came close. His armor and body was thrust through and he became weak. He charged himself with wind aura and ejected the javelin, damaging both of them.
“I guess this is what people mean by damaging self to give more to enemy,” He healed himself and cross slashed it, pushing it 12 meters backward and made it fall onto the ground. Then, Orkaf dashed and jumped over his shoulders while charging his feet with space aura.
“Space stomp!” He stomped the golem and crushed its torso, but it was quickly reformed and his feet were stuck inside. “This is not sufficient to bring me down, moron!” He charged his feet with acid aura and quickly freed himself by jumping out from the cavity formed by the acid. He resized and reformed his doktionas back to its original state.
“You…damn….” The golem charged the cavity with photons and shot a laser blast from it, filling the cavity with diamonds. “Now this is what you really get from decaying me!” It charged the diamonds with frost aura and emitted freezing beams on them, but they blocked them using their weapons and the weapons ended up covered with one centimeter thick of ice.
“Thanks for supplying free aura for us, asshole!” Orkaf launched the metal block again to the golem while Riak charged towards it as if he was playing rugby. This time, the metal block hit the golem first and stuck on its body before it penetrated through the golem’s torso when Riak smashed it, turning it into dusts. They quickly had some rest. After one day, they woke up and continued to move towards the cave, but suddenly,
“Aid us! We were ambushed by the smugglers!” An image portal appeared in front of them. Tolea and Yolnes were fighting people in black clothing where they were surrounded. Vanadis, Isef, Xadio and Formalin teleported themselves away and the image portal was closed. At the meantime, in the front entrance of the cave,
“Thanks for your aid. Let’s have some blood fest today!” Tolea dashed to his front and smacked enemies using his hoe. The others quickly followed suit. At the meantime,
“You are just as great as the day you married me. I just wondered what Riak will think if he knows this,” He wore his Kevlar and Dacron suits. He turned around and walked out of the dead end, but he was quickly confronted by Riak and the others.
“Folks, stay back. This is my personal grudge against him,” He took out a sword with triangular cross guards and an octahedral topaz embedded on the hilt. Six blades aligned themselves as if they were radii of a circle.
“Riak…you’ve finally come…save me….” Illiana saw him and cried. The fight for love begins….


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