Route of Earth(Path 73-Romantic Sidetracking Part Five)

A barrier was formed, separating Riak and the man in black clothing from others. They stared each other sharply like archenemies hating each other for centuries.
“Sirkias Alnia, you total arsehole!” Riak charged his sword and ejected the side blades from it, forming a bow. He took it and shot his sword on Sirkias.
“Yeah, if I’m a total arsehole you are a total wimp!” Sirkias merely took the sword using his bare hands and threw it back to him. He quickly threw the bow as if it was a horizontal moving boomerang, caught the sword and stabbed him right at the bow when it hit him. The bow were split and returned to the sword.
“This is for Illiana!” He stabbed through Sirikias’s body and pulled it out before jumping backwards. Sirikias merely stood still despite his wounds were deep. Then, he charged the wounds with toxin aura and the wounds were healed up. “This is….”
“Well, I sided the demons and gave me such ability. Now let’s see what happens if this poison hits you!” He took out a titanium hammer with lance pike, charged it with toxin aura and knocked it onto the ground. Toxic liquid were formed on Riak’s armor, but it never penetrated into his body. Illiana, who was still chained, became worried.
“Your armor is not as strong as you think, Riak. Let me help you,” She charged herself with holy aura and light spots covered his armor as if snow was falling on it. The toxic liquid on his armor was disappeared.
“You won’t change, are you?” He absorbed the light spots as his sword’s holy aura, yet Sirikias teleported to his front and knocked him onto the barrier using his hammer. The barrier and his armor were cracked and some of the cracks penetrated his clothes, injuring him. His sword’s holy aura was dissipated as well.
“Take this!” Sirikias charged his feet with evil aura and kicked him. His armor turned black and fell onto the ground, losing his consciousness. Inside his mind,
“Uuuugh…I’m not died yet…I must get out of here….” Riak woke up inside a well. He took out his swords and attached a pair on his feet while holding a pair on his hands. He climbed through the well by stabbing the swords through the well. Then, suddenly a saint with teal wings caught him from behind and flew him upwards. “This touch…it’s so familiar…is it you, Illiana?” He closed his eyes, but the image of he knocked out in the cave appeared. “Wake up, Riak,”
“You will, and don’t disappoint me, Ripple,” She whispered to him. He was brought out from the well. Back into the cave,
“How pathetic. Let’s see how she will feel if she sees her beloved gets killed!” He dragged Riak so that Illiana would see him and charged his hammer with wind aura without realizing that his armor returned into normal. Just when he swung his hammer downwards,
“Sorry, but it will be a disgrace for her if I let her see my ruined state in front of everyone else,” Riak turned around and dodged the attack. He held the hammer and flowed bolt aura into it. Sirikias was electrocuted and turned into dusts. He ran into the dead end while leaving the barriers intact.
“I’m sorry and will you forgive me?” Illiana was freed and healed. She stood up and tried to kiss him but she was slapped instead.
“Why you call me Ripple in my dreams? This is just sound ridiculous,” He wore his helmet and covered his face. He turned around, trying to leave the place but he hesitated.
“Because you are causing ripples in my heart, like ripples of a water wave. I like it,” She hugged him from behind. “I promise, I won’t leave you anymore like what I did 3 years ago. Let’s go back to the happy days, shall we?”
“No, because we will create our own future which is far better than what we have in the past,” He removed his helmet and gloves. She let go of him and lied on the ground. The barrier was disappeared but the entrance to the dead end was sealed with a black seal. No one could see anything beyond it. But this is not completely over yet….


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