Route of Earth(Path 74-Obelisk Plate of Doom)

Suddenly, a black portal appeared in front of Tefia and the others. Evil aura was charged on the portal.
“Block it! It’s gonna blow us!” Everyone cast wall and blocked a black colored blast for 10 seconds. The wall shattered after the blast ended. At the meantime,
“Whoa! Everyone, teleport!” A black colored blast was seen emitted and everyone teleported themselves away to a nearby pathway. Then, walked out and met up with Tefia and the others. “So, she is….” Tolea felt weird of the black seal.
“Let’s ignore them for…!” A larger portal appeared above them without being noticed and a blast was launched at them, knocking everyone out. After a few seconds, Tolea and Yolnes woke up while the rest were still knocked out.
“Here it comes!” The portal appeared again in front of them. This time, Tolea smashed it into pieces using his hoe. Then, it was reformed, but with a barrier. “Don’t tell me that this is the obelisk plate of doom,”
“I’m afraid that you are right,” Yolnes took out her gardening scissors and split them into short lances with long blades. The portal was filled with evil aura and rammed towards them. They quickly charged their weapons with holy aura and threw them to block the plate. The weapons pierced through and made holes on it, but the plate still moving towards them.
“This is just as bad,” Tolea teleported his hoe back to his right hand and swung it as if it was a baseball bat. The barrier was shattered and it moved back a few meters, but it quickly moved again. Yolnes teleported her lances and attached them, forming a longer double blade lance and blocked it by stabbing the portal.
“Maybe this is better,” Tolea threw his hoe onto the portal and took out a cylindrical metal block attached to a rod. “Stay back, Yolnes!” He yelled at her while charging towards the portal. She quickly teleported to his back. He hit the portal and it was turned into dusts.
“I guess it can’t handle full frontal assault,” They had some rest after healing everyone. After 1 hour, everyone woke up and the black seal disappeared.
“Had enough of fun? Do you know that we just had some big trouble?” Tolea rushed inside and pointed his hoe to Riak.
“Calm down. At least they killed the boss,” Yolnes dragged his neck back to the tunnel. They gathered together.
“What should we do next? I suspect that demons are now trying to seep through the borders,” Xadio asked everyone.
“We’ll inspect Hazei and Mote. You and your partners should go to Isfa and get the latest news. The rebels around the borders might need your help,” Vanadis answered everyone. They nodded and parted ways. At the meantime, in Isfa, inside a big mansion
“What? The demons appeared in the borders and attempt to back striking the rebels?” A man was shouting over a sound portal.
“Yes, we need emergency reinforcements right now!”
“I understand,” He closed the communication. “Everyone, march to the borders! We’ll let the tavern people handle the chosen one!” He yelled with a loud voice and he was teleported away, leaving no one inside. Then, in the borders,
“They think that we don’t know their plans, but we know too well,” A wolf was running in a grass laden tunnel, looking at its subordinates. Then, suddenly,
“!” A few people in military uniform appeared on it back. Sounds of fighting echoed around the tunnel. Some demons fell back to aid while some others continued their plans to attack from behind. The chaos is still going on….


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