Route of Earth(Path 75-Back Raid)

After two days, they arrived at Isfa, a city full with meadows. Almost everything was empty, perhaps all the citizens except the guards were guarding the area were fighting inside the demons across the borders.
“You are late, folks. The demons has raided the borders in an attempt to eliminate our reinforcements,” A guard yelled at them, but a zombie appeared at her back. Fortunately, she sensed its presence and slashed it using her stainless steel sword.
“Just go! We’ll fight them off,” She continued to attack and it was finally turned into dusts, but suddenly a skull dragon appeared in the air. It charged itself with flame aura and blazed everywhere.
“No, with your current abilities you won’t stand a chance against it,” Tefia took out her ifnarisis and charged it with aqua aura. It was raining, but the flames became more intense. “Alcohol?” She charged her ifnarisis’s tail blade with frost aura and launched it and it was frozen as if it was immersed in liquid hydrogen. The flames were cooled down upon hitting the tail blade and the skull dragon was frozen upon getting pierced through by the tail blade.
“Looks like they are more ready than usual. Let’s see who will outsmart who!” Lefio took out a pair of axe halberd and dashed away from them, destroying a few dark portals appearing on the ground. Yet, more of them appeared from nowhere, but no demons were appearing.
“The dragon is still alive!” Meltine took out her machetes, switched the blades into bone crusher blades and threw them to the skull dragon. It was shattered into pieces, but the pieces turned into dusts and fall onto the dark portals. Then, skeletons were appeared on the portals.
“Outnumbering us? We’ll overturn you!” Orkaf took out his doktionas, jumped while spinning himself like a hammer throw athlete and threw it. It spun around the skeletons, crushing them one by one.
“Great job, Orkaf!” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with photons, positrons and neutrons. Then, she stabbed it onto the ground and random laser, positron and neutron beams were launched randomly like fireworks, but they did not explode midair but fell down onto the skeletons.
“Let’s finish them right now! Dusts of pirecers!” Meltine threw her machetes upwards and turned them into dusts. The dusts dropped like snow, but they slowly thrust through the skeletons like acid corrosions. The skeletons were still appearing despite being destroyed repeatedly.
“I guess the portals are the main thing. I guess I have to do this no matter what!” Lefio threw his halberd while charging it with land aura. Upon hitting, its ceiling grew stalactites which were falling down onto them and crushing the portals, effectively killing all of them.
“Whoa, you folks are great. It is far better than what rumors said,” The guard gave thumbs up to them. “Maybe you want to hang out in the bar to get better information,” She walked away from them. They went into the bar, located at the center of the city. It was a wild wild west style bar, completely wooden made with specialized doors.
“I’m glad that you come. As you know, everyone gone into the frontlines to eliminate demon troops from destroying the reinforcement team to the Oittra rebels and you know better what you are doing. However, I have a bad news to you. The demons are trying to break through a shrine temple around the borders to obtain a holy item. I know this is hard for you, but please get the holy items first. Our struggle will be in vain once they managed to do so,” A bartender told them. The bar was empty, but they ignored it and left the bar quickly. Now this is a really hard choice….


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