Route of Earth(Path 76-Intermission)

They went into a tunnel east from Isfa. It was bright that they could see long distances. While they are on their way,
“Where you are going? Shouldn’t you meet up with us?” A sound portal appeared in front of them.
“Demons in Oittra sent demons to attack a temple at the borders. If don’t do something the holy item would fall into their hands. I know this will make your team in dire condition, but please understand,” Tefia answered through the portal.
“And there is another problem. Some demons suddenly appeared in the cave between Mote and Isfa. Our calculations predict that they will arrive in one day. The guards will stand no chance against them. Can you call your friends to deal with them?”
“This is definitely no problem at all. We are now heading to Isfa directly and eliminate the demons. We can’t afford to have another batch of demon reinforcements,” Another sound portal appeared with Riak’s voice answering him.
“Good. Yeah, our intelligence suspect that there are civilians detected near the temple and none of the demons entered it. I assume that they are the smugglers. Kill them as well because they are wanted dead,”
“I understand, but I will not fight them if they are not as you predicted,” Tefia replied him. The communication was closed. At the meantime, inside a tunnel in Oittra,
“What? Isfa is now raided by demons and the chosen ones left for demons in the Castra temple? So, should we fall back?” A sound portal appeared in front of the rebels’ reinforcements.
“No. There are other people currently guarding the area with the city’s guards. If there is any problem I’ll send soldiers. Your job now is continue to pursue remaining demon reinforcements and prevent them from attacking the rebels. Don’t fail us, you are the final hope of Kotiva,” The communication was closed. At the meantime, in the capital of Oittra,
“Lord Qina, our backstabbing squad have been attack and only 30% of the demons survived. Our reinforcements were wiped out as well. Orders, my lord!” A skeleton knelt down in front him.
“Call them to stop their backstabbing operation and guard the remaining cities. We must stop them from invading us. Call the biologists to mass produce the viral bugs. They must never reach the central areas,”
“Yes, my lord,” The skeleton teleported itself away.
“The chosen one must be near…looks like it’s time to prepare this for them…hahahahaha!” It took out a short black rod and laughed manically. At the meantime, near the sealed entrance of the Castra temple,
“Hey, this is not what agreed upon, dude,” A few metal hollows (hollows with metal bodies) surprised that the briefcase shown to them by a few man in black clothing was smaller than they’ve expected.
“What’s the big deal? As long as you get your things it’s fine. We’ve just get attacked by some goons just now,” They smirked at the metal hollows.
“Oh, I see. Can I examine the briefcases?” They took the briefcases and opened them outward, i.e. facing the men in black. They quickly jumped away and removed their clothing. “Just as I expected. You shall not leave here alive!” The metal hollows changed their arms into lance pikes and dashed towards them.
“How dare you impersonating us!” A few man in black rushed towards them while taking out their scythes.
“I guess I’ll just kill you all. Don’t ever regret what you are doing now!” A man wearing white formal clothing took out a few flash spark emitters, charged them with photons and threw them. Everyone’s sight turned white, unable to see anything as the flash sparks were very bright, even brighter than flashbangs. A new struggle continues….


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