Route of Earth(Path 77-Temple of Traps)

After two days, Tefia and the others arrived at the Castra temple. It looked like an entrance to a Hindu temple. A man with white formal clothing and a girl with blue formal clothing was standing near the entrance. They quickly brandished their weapons and stared each other sharply.
“Wait a sec, if you mean by those demons we have disposed of them. We’ll go away and hopefully you’ll get the holy item,” They teleported themselves away.
“What a waste. Whatever it is, this seal will no longer exists,” Tefia threw her ifnarisis towards the seal and it was disappeared. The crosses suddenly flew out of her dimensional storage, teleporting her inside and the entrance was sealed again.
“Let’s wait here. There‘s nothing we can really do,” The rest simply rested on the ground. Inside the temple, she walked through a bridge to a floating platform and the bridge suddenly collapsed. Then, eight other platforms suddenly appeared from eight directions, with the platform she was standing at the center. Then, rock cones started to fell on her.
“This is insane!” She ran away from the rock cones. The platform get smaller and smaller as the rock cones made the platform broke little by little. She charged herself with wind aura and ran towards an edge before leaping to a northeastern platform. Her jump was very far that she stepped on its center, but she was forced to leap again when more rock cones dropped from the ceiling.
“This is just a little and you say this is insane?” A sniper was floating above with a faintly glowing spherical encasing on the encasing’s surface. She sniped Tefia using her sniper rifle and shot high speed bullets. Tefia moved faster to dodge the bullets, but she realized that it was a trap to make her fall faster. Tefia quickly took out her ifnarisis, threw it to the air while charging it with air aura and stepped on it when it reached the ground. It was acting like a jet.
“I am well prepared for this insanity. I will bring you down,” She flew upwards and the rock cones stopped dropping on her and the platforms were disappeared, but in a sudden ice needles were launched upwards. Tefia charged herself with wind aura and let the wind flowed on her which divert the needles away from her.
“I guess traps are useless against you anymore,” The sniper flew upwards quickly while shooting bullets of Tefia. Tefia took out her pair of pearl wands and blocked them. After a few minutes, she started to knock back the bullets back to the sniper, but she dodged them by flying randomly upwards.
“You are not escaping from me,” She flew upwards as well while launching slash waves on the sniper. She dodged the slash waves, yet she did not realize that she was approaching the ceiling. After a few minutes, she smashed onto the ceiling and fell down out of her consciousness. Then, the Ladrefin(god of storage)’s box suddenly appeared in front of her. “I guess this thing can be taken directly here,” She was teleported out from the temple. The seal on the temple’s entrance was still there.
“So, shall we go?” The others woke up and feel energized.
“Yes,” Tefia answered them and they quickly ran in the tunnel. At the meantime, inside a throne room,
“Lord Qina, our demon reinforcements were all defeated. The rebels will attack the central cities tomorrow and if we don’t do something our reign will be over,” An evil dragon reported to him.
“I see. Go and dispose them by yourself,” It gave the order. The war against a demonic country starts….


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