Route of Earth(Path 78-Traces of War Part One)

After two days, they arrived at Korg, a village in Oittra near the borders. The wooden houses were all scratched, with brown colored sands filling the ground. It seemed that this place was under a war some time ago.
“You folks are late!” People around the village shouted at them as they walked past the streets. “What the hell you are doing?” The shouts were getting louder and louder. Some even threw eggs on them.
“Enough of that,” Two knights wearing double Z (an alloy made from 50% of Zicronium and 50% of Zinc) armor cast barrier on them. The people stopped shouting and throwing eggs on them. After a few seconds, they were teleported inside an administrative office inside the village. It was merely a desk near the entrance and a room inside with a long table and ten chairs.
“I guess we can’t help but to move on, isn’t? Those people must be very angry over us that we were not there when the rebels were fighting against the demons. After all, they seemed to forget that we have other important things to be done,” Lefio sighed while looking around at the simple house.
“I understand. We were forced to disobey our orders to block off people who wanted to kill you to aid the rebels. At least our superiors were pleased that we know our priorities,” A knight finally spoken.
“I’m Lokna Espira and she’s Sagin Widnea, the head guards of Korg. The actual head guard is now in the rebels so we took this position at his stake. Yeah, if you are wondering, now the rebels are trying to break through Latrio. That place is supposed to be the capital of Oittra but it was shifted to Ticaran, a city at south. The battle is so far so good, but what I feared most is Letila,” Lokna sat on the ground. The others quickly followed suit.
“Yeah. Until now the only news in Letila is the entrances to that country are now blocked off by very powerful seals that nothing can go in and out of that place. Some people even died just by getting close to it. The demons are really quite something,” Orkaf rubbed his head.
“I’m afraid that the rebels will be having a short victory before a big army go and crush them. If the demons really want to keep their ruling in Oittra with the size of the demon army they can just simply wipe them out. I’m sure that there are tricks that they employ,” Meltine rubbed her chin.
“We better get moving. It is always a good thing that we try to catch up with them,” Tefia stood up and turned to the entrance. The others quickly stood up as well.
“Yes. We’ll contact you if there is anything,” At the meantime, near the entrances to Latrio,
“Blast them with all what we got!” Laser blasts were launched through the cannons and long range spells. The demons were trying to resist, but the forces were starting to diminish. After an hour, the demon army in Latrio was defeated and the rebels rushed inside, claiming their victory. At the meantime, inside a dark vortex,
“So, how is the plan, Qina?”
“Just as good as usual. They don’t even know that those demons are fake. Let’s just say that our cloning skills are fine,”
“Good. Now build more armies and get ready for a real invasion,”
“Yes, master,” At the meantime, in a tunnel connecting Korg and Rinsk,
“Die, mortal,” A few gunshots were hitting a spearman. He quickly fought back using his stainless steel spear. A new companion will show up….


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