Route of Earth(Path 79-Traces of War Part Two)

While they are on their way, they saw a spearman wearing bronze armor lying on the ground.
“What are you doing here? Or you were left behind by the rebels?” Tefia asked him.
“I was asked by the rebels to watch out for back attacks. Three back attacks have been detected. Now I suspect there are more. Yeah, I need to find my partner but she was missing. Perhaps she is now at Rinsk, but I can’t contact her at all,” He woke up and picked up his spear. “Let’s go,” He ran along the tunnel. The others quickly followed him. One day later, they arrived at Rinsk, an underground port town. There were nothing but warehouses and a tunnel leading to business use submarines. Another tunnel leading to residential areas was visible. The town seemed to be in peace, as if the battle against the demons never happened there, perhaps the citizens have restored the town after the battle ended
“Hey, that girl asked you to go to Latrio. We need new plans of invading Ticaran once and for all while attempting to attack Letila. We need something that can blast the seals without getting injured,” A guard ran towards them and delivered the message to them. They quickly left the town and moved south. At the meantime, in Latrio, inside a camp placed near the entrance to the castle,
“They are coming to us?” A man wearing simple clothes like a beggar asked everyone sitting around a big round table.
“Yes, but should we really call them to join us? Don’t forget that the demon’s activities around the northern areas started to increase,”
“If that’s the case we might need them to go and check out Wigos village,”
“No, they must go and think ways to blast off the seals. Don’t forget that even our long range spells can’t even damage the seal at all,”
“But what if the demons are regaining the northern area? We can’t dispatch our people and we were informed that there will be no more reinforcements for us,”
“I see. Whatever it is, let’s wait for them,” At the meantime, inside a dark vortex,
“The demon armies are ready, master. We can move on anytime,”
“Good job Qina, but build more of them. We should prepare some great surprise to the rebels in Oitrra. They think that they can defeat us easily, but they will learn their most painful lesson ever in their life,”
“But how about the chosen one? If we ignore them, they will definitely post a huge threat later on,”
“That’s why we have some decoys left to attack them. Just a few strong hollows will do,”
“There is another thing that bothers me. There are rebellion armies Letila which took over control of some of the villages. The demon armies in the villages were destroyed as well. Should we do something?”
“Just do it the usual way. They are merely a band of thugs. A big laser blast will do,”
“Yeah. See you later, master,” At the meantime, in Wigos village,
“Why they asking me to guard this place? This is really ridiculous,” A girl wearing formal wear was drinking coffee in a bar. After a few minutes, just after she left the bar, she saw a hollow attacking a few people. She quickly took out her pocket knives and start attacking the hollow. “Now I see why,” She threw her pocket knives coated with toxin on the hollow. After a few minutes, more of them showed up. She switched to a large artwork use knive and attacked them. Things are not going better….


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