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Route of Earth(Path 99-The Final Night Part One)

April 30, 2010

Four days later, they arrived at Orst, a city where the borders of Eln, Oittra, Eksia and Letila intersect. The buildings were shaped like cylinders, perhaps to show harmony between the countries that included the city in their borders.
“Let’s enjoy the night while it lasts,” Ancrast and Weiloe walked away.
“Yeah, let’s leave them alone,” Meltine and Lefio walked away as well. The wind blowing from the ground through a tiny hole on the ceiling cooled down the heat in the city like an air conditioning system.
“I guess we will part way after this. I guess I’ll just continue mining until you come back. You hometown is actually somewhere faraway from here, isn’t it?” Orkaf took out his doktionas and polished it with palm oil. It was shining and looked new.
“Yes. It is at Trusal, a port town north of Castyf. It is now a small port for northern islands to ship their goods. You might not believe this, but I am actually a deep ground people. It’s just that my boss discovered by transporting talents and had me working on the land 5 years ago. I guess it is the fate of gods that we meet each other, isn’t it?” Tefia took out her ifnarisis and used the palm oil as well. Oddly, the surface became rough.
“You shouldn’t polish it using palm oil. Use this,” Orkaf took over the weapon and polished it using soy bean oil and it turned smooth. “You have much to learn, so do I,” He returned the weapon back to her. She smiled while trying to assemble a combined weapon of his and hers.
“I guess this will be useful in combat,” Tefia showed him the combined weapon. The handle of doktionas was attached on ifnarisis’s handle, with the ruby removed and attached on the metal block of doktionas, which in turn attached on the ifnarisis’s tip, making it looked like a mining lance wand.
“I shall name it ifnarinas,” Orkaf suddenly blurted out his words. “Because it is a combination from two of us,”
“Yes. And can I borrow it for a while? I will return it to you after I finished with my job. After that….” She started to blush while pointing the weapon to the ceiling.
“We can’t be certain over such things. Emotions, feelings, passions…all these are nothing but unstable abstract things,” Orkaf turned away from her.
“But one thing is certain…we love each other,” Tefia hugged his from behind. The softness of the robe made his face turned red. “And we definitely won’t forget that, ever,”
“Promise to me that you will come back in good condition. I think I won’t be attracted to other woman anymore,” He closed his eyes. The atmosphere was stiff as they were unable to feel the wind.
“I will. And be yourself while I away,” She left go of him, walked to his front and kissed him. He was surprised and opened his eyes. He stared at her with all passion he had at that time as if no one was watching.
“Let’s buy some parts to enhance this weapon, shall we?” Orkaf leto go of himself and wandered around the city. Tefia quickly chased after him.
“Don’t leave me alone! And…don’t you should have a ring kind of sorts?” Tefia quickly shouted at him. He quickly took out a titanium ring and showed it to her. It was etched and showed “O loves T” on it.
“This…you have it all along?” She was shocked.
“I made it myself using my crafting techniques. And it was my parents’ wedding ring. Let’s talk about this after everything is over,” He continued wandering for shops. At the meantime, Lefio and Meltine were having problems….


Route of Earth(Path 98-Final Assault)

April 29, 2010

Three days later, they arrived at Oiteo, a port town which has no residential areas, perhaps it was located away by a tunnel. There was only warehouses, docks and patrol stations with people here and there.
“The smugglers…let’s check the docks,” They split up and searched around the docks, which connected to a sea tunnel with ships docked beside them. After 30 minutes, they found nothing, even after checking the records from the patrolmen.
“I’m sorry to say, but they left this place already. They disguised as tourists to escape with their goods in a submarine registered in a foreign continent. There is no sign of smuggling so we have to let them go. But maybe some of them are still here,” A guard approached them. They decided to search the warehouses and found something suspicious: Someone was using the teleport spell.
“Stop it right there!” Lefio threw his halberd to a few men in black teleporting illegal goods. They quickly jumped away and took out homing missile launchers, shooting missiles at them. They quickly dashed inside and destroyed the missiles before they hit.
“Take this!” They charged their missile launchers and knocked them onto the ground. Missiles were launched from the ground, blowing them upwards to the roof, and eventually crashing on the ceiling. “I guess this is enough to…!” Orkaf teleported to their back and knocked them down onto the ground using his fists, only to be blown to a wall.
“I guess you two are just have strong weapons but weak defense. Let’s see how you can survive this!” Meltine charged herself with oracle aura and cast oracle murinzran on them. They were surrounded by six magic circles arranged as a cube and bronze coin daggers appeared randomly and slashed through them repeatedly, yet they were still focused and launched a missile to break the magic circles, thus cancelling the spell.
“We might not as strong as the demons, but we are far stronger than what you’ve expected!” They switched to a pair of IP square swords and flew towards the falling people. “Die!” The charged the sword with sub-zero aura and the sword along with their hands were covered under perfectly crystalline ice.
“We are not as weak as you think as well!” Orkaf dashed to the center of the warehouse and threw his doktionas upwards. “Rocket thrust!” The weapon moved like a rocket which directed on them, yet they realized it and proceeded to knocked it down.
“Now!” Tefia took out her doktionas and threw it down on them while charging it with pyro aura. A phoenix was “formed” and its “wings” slashed through them, burning them alive. They were turned into dusts.
“So the smugglers using the remaining demons as decoys. I guess the threat is gone, but they finally get away with what they have done. Perhaps this is fate, I think,” Tefia sighed at the illegal goods.
“Definitely. They have escaped out to the foreign waters so we can’t catch them anymore,” Ancrast suddenly walked inside with Weiloe accompanying him. They were shocked that they appeared at such time.
“Hey, isn’t that you have errand in Ryscin?” Lefio smirked at them.
“The errands are complete and we were sightseeing Orst three days earlier. We need to have some personal time, after all,” Ancrast showed his zirt (an alloy made from 50% of zirconium and 50% of titanium) ring.
“Don’t do that, Ancrast,” Weiloe tried to hide his ring and blushed.
“I guess you have no means of going back after this is over,” Lefio’s face was still a smirking one.
“Whatever it is, I decided to escort you to Orst deep deep grounds and I insist. Let’s go,” They left this town and proceed to Orst. This is their last time together….

Route of Earth(Path 97-Darkest Demon Duel Part Four)

April 28, 2010

Lefio’s weapon was glowing with black colored light. Just when he was 10 meters away from the hollow,
“The void…I thought such powers are obsolete. But then, not even that can stop me!” The hollow charged itself with venom aura and tried to poison him, yet he resisted and flowed the venom aura into his weapon.
“Ziclerion! Defeat the darkness using darkness!” The weapon was teleported 20 meters above the hollow. It was enlarged before a purple blade was formed, extending from the blade’s tip. The hollow merely laughed manically and the sword was shrinked. “What?” Lefio suddenly sealed inside a satan seal and teleported to his ziclerion, which was shirnked to the size of a coin. “Die!” He grabbed the weapon, charged it with satan aura and threw it as if it was a grenade. It was covered in a purple colored energy ball.
“It’s useless to stand here and do nothing!” Orkaf teleported to the hollow’s back and punched its back upwards, sending it to the weapon. The hollow was hit and split into half as its body was vaporized.
“Curse…you!” It charged itself with explosion aura and exploded itself, trying to launch a final attack, yet Tefia and Meltine seal it in a metal encasing. The explosion had vaporized the encasing.
“Let’s leave this place. The smugglers may….” Just when a light circle showing the exit was appeared,
“Well, how dare you mess with my partnership, huh? You might be able to…!” A man in black was appeared walking inside from the exit, but suddenly black colored slashed appeared on him, critically damaged him and he was teleported away. Outside the vortex,
“Damn! How could they send this much of people inside this place?” Gerald and Delleria were fighting waves of smugglers in black formal clothing trying to rush inside the dark vortex. Sounds of battle echoed throughout the capital as Ilinax and Ednariel were helping them out by using multiple target attacks midair.
“Who knows? One thing for sure, they are very pissed off with the death of the leader of demons,” Ilinax was flying using the fly spell while shooting explosive arrows on the ground while dodging gunshots. The battle seemed to be endless, yet,
“Jump!” Ednariel flew upwards after sensing antimatter laser. The ground turned white, killing everyone who stepped on the ground. After a few seconds, Tefia and the others appeared and saw no one is in the capital except the one who were fighting against the smugglers and the corpses of them.
“I guess we have more enemies to fight against. The demons….” Orkaf looked at the ceiling, which was slowly turning white. The buildings were becoming colorful with small sized mosaic tiles arranged like a piece of art. Then, suddenly, the corpses were disappeared, people living in the capital appeared and behaved as if nothing happened at all.
“Looks like the demon reign in the Kotiva continent is over. Thanks for capturing this city,” A guard patrolling the capital told them. Then, they were teleported outside of the capital and surprised seeing Aslaeon and Zinea.
“We have to go back to the northern area now to clear the demons and smugglers remaining. But before that, if you want to help us, you should go to Oiteo port  town. Rumors said that the smugglers intended to cross the ocean to the eastern continents. Please, consider it,” They teleported themselves away with Ilinax and Ednariel.
“We have to depart as well. We have errands at Ziltto and we intended to take an express tunnel which leads there directly. Good luck,” Gerald and Delleria teleported themselves away as well. The rest continued running along the tunnel. The true threat is yet to over….

Route of Earth(Path 96-Darkest Demon Duel Part Three)

April 28, 2010

“You think this really works?” Tefia charged her ifnarsis with pyro (upgraded version of flame) aura and sealed herself under a burning sphere, shielding itself with a water pillar which surrounded her. The others tried to approach the hollow o attack, but they were blocked by a spherical barrier.
“This is sickening, but you are just asking for more!” Orkaf threw his doktionas upwards, enlarged it by charging it with metal aura and cast gravity on it. The weapon was dropped on the hollow, yet it was still blocked by the barrier and fell on them, only to be shrink and caught by Orkaf.
“More? This is nothing but a little thing. Let’s see if you can have something more than this,” It charged itself with thunder aura and launched thunder sparks on them. They looked like thunder rods places closed with each others. They tried to absorb the thunder sparks, but they were too much that they were electrocuted. They fell onto the ground and paralyzed. Their weapons were floating and formed a barrier, defending them from the second wave of the thunder sparks.
“I see. Maybe this is your powers, but this is not enough to defeat us!” Orkaf forced himself to move and stood up, pointing his doktionas on the hollow. Trails of dragon aura was visible on it. “T(h)undra!” He charged his doktionas with thunder and sub-zero auras before throwing it. An ice dragon covered with thunder sparks was “formed” extended from the weapon. It was attempting to break through the barrier while he was healing others.
“You don’t know your limits, do ya?” The hollow charged itself with pyro aura and the ice dragon turned into a water crystal dragon instead. The shield was broken and the dragon thrusting towards it, yet a punch from the hollow not just breaking the dragon, but absorbed its thunder sparks as thunder aura as well. The doktionas was returned to his hands and it was severely cracked. He quickly recovered the weapon.
“Our limits? It is beyond what you have expected,” The others woke up and pointed their weapons on the hollow. Trails of astro and earth auras were visible. A few seconds later, asteroid rained at the hollow, yet a new barrier was formed and blocked them, with shockwaves emitted damaging them.
“Still in my expectations. Come on, show me what you have!” The barrier was shattered into pieces and teleported inside their bodies, but they were quickly teleported outside and disappeared. A few seconds later, explosions were occurred randomly on the ground. They quickly jumped away to dodge, yet the explosions appeared midair and they were burned.
“What about this?” They teleported the flames to the hollow, yet they were absorbed and pyro pillars appeared everywhere. They quickly cast extinguish, but it didn’t work. They were only able to seal themselves in a water crystal seal and wait until the attack ended.
“Insane…this demon is totally insane…I’ll have become one to kill you, I think,” Lefio’s wings turned purple and his eyes changed from blue to ivory. He took out an odd weapon. It was made out from a knife handle, sword blade with gun barrels as cross guards and short spears attached on them. He walked slowly towards the hollow, leaving everyone else shocked.
“Lefio!” Meltine’s wings were glowing, reducing the tone of Lefio’s wings and eyes. She tried to chase him, but she was unable to move at all. “Lefio, don’t do it. You will succumb into evil,” Tears fell from her eyes as she tried to give a mind transmission to him.
“This is the only way. My body may turn evil, but not my mind and my soul. I can’t see you injured more,” He held the weapon more tightly. This is yet to over…

Route of Earth(Path 95-Darkest Demon Duel Part Two)

April 26, 2010

“Over your dead body!” Qina charged itself with satan aura and shot a purple colored blast to the dark vortex, onlt to be blocked by shining photon wall spell cast by Gerald and Delleria from saint aura photons. “What? I can’t crush even two people?” It tried to amplify the blast but the blast ended before he managed to do so.
“Because you are evil!” Gerald charged his legs with sky aura and kicked the wall, which was intact to Qina, only to be crushed into pieces be its sword. They stared each other sharply, as if they want to rip their enemy into pieces.
“Then try to take me one on one!” Qina dashed towards Gerald while charging its sword with sub-zero aura. He quickly dashed towards it as well while charging his scythe with earth aura. Both weapons were shattered upon contact, yet Gerald quickly punched it and it was thrown 5 meters away.
“I am more than willing!” He cast barrier and a hemisphere shaped barrier was visible. Delleria was left outside and she became angry while charging her hammer with thunder aura slowly. “I’m sorry, but this is the only way,” Gerald shut his eyes.
“What the hell is happening on you? Are you just too shocked that I’m powerful to defeat you?” Qina teleported to his back, yet he swung his scythe backwards and threw Qina to the barrier. It was injured, yet it quickly recovered itself. It stood up and threw its sword to the top of the barrier.
“No, but I’m sad that I must sacrifice my principles to kill you!” Gerald was still having his eyes shut and leaped to the sword. He grabbed its handle, but just when he tried to threw it back to Qina, it quickly charged the sword and electrocuted him instead.
“Well, I guess even this can’t defeat me after all,” Qina took out an obsidian spear and threw it towards him. A crow was “formed” and thrust through him, leaving him hanging midair as the spear stuck on the barrier. Just when it took out another obsidian spear,
“Qina…how dare you separate him from me in combat? You shall receive the wrath of a raging berserker!” Her hammer was white in color, complete with glowing light and streams of thunder aura. She teleported inside the barrier and charged towards Qina, crushing it on a barrier.
“This…is…impossible…curse…you….” It was turned into dusts and the barrier disappeared. Gerald teleported and healed himself, but he was quickly slapped by Delleria. She even punched his left shoulder.
“You know I cannot stand you separating yourself, don’t you? Then why you must pitting yourself against him? Don’t you get heavily injured and you are relying on me to kill that bastard?” She grabbed his suit, as if threatening to kill. Oddly, tears
“I do it on purpose. Only your power of anger can kill that bastard. That’s why I shut my eyes: I don’t want to see you angry. That image of you will never be recorded in my memories. I really sorry for that. Let’s hope that they are doing well inside,” He wiped her tears softly. They both smiled while a narrow beam of light was emitted on them. At the meantime, inside the vortex,
“What is this? Your existence…is nothing but a big disaster to Lefrad! You shall be ceased of your existence!” Meltine was shocked when the saw a huge dark orb appeared in front of them, which transformed into a crystal hollow.
“That is if I really ceased. Can you even cause damage to me?” It charged itself with hydro (upgraded version of aqua) aura. This is sure to be a long fight….

Route of Earth(Path 94-Darkest Demon Duel Part One)

April 25, 2010

After one day, they arrived at Tinas. It was an empty capital with the buildings and ground painted black. They were shrouded with low visibility, with faint light from the ceiling barely lighting the capital. A dark vortex was visible at the center of the capital, above a fountain, but it was disappeared. Then, Qina appeared above the fountain and flew towards them. It was covered with black cloak, black cape and a black mask, despite red laser-like eyes were seen.
“You have come this far, but this is your end. Welcome to the realm of death!” The faint light was disappeared and they were only able to see the red eyes. It took out its L-shaped sword and dashed towards them while charging them.
“Death? I guess world of dusts shall coming to you!” Gerald charged his scythe with saint aura but it was quickly dissipated. “This is….” He was shocked and switched to oracle (upgraded version of yin yang) aura but it was dissipated as well.
“Lights are dimmed here. Enjoy the dark slaughter!” It flew past them and slashed through their bodies. “And how darkness succumb you into evil ways!” Satan aura was flowing through the wounds into their body.
“And you forget you have a demon here,” Lefio was unaffected by the satan aura and threw his axe halberd to Qina, only to be blocked and warped to his back. He caught it without turning back and threw it again while teleporting to its back. The warp cause the halberd hit it and it fell onto the ground.
“Dark is not evil, asshole!” Orkaf flowed the satan aura into his doktionas and threw it towards Qina while it was still falling. The rest quickly did the same with their weapons and it was heavily damaged, yet it absorbed the satan aura and healed itself.
“Maybe I should have just simply attacked you earlier as you are all pathetic morons!” It woke up, charged its sword with satan aura and stabbed it onto the ground. Invisible dark pillars engulfed them in streams of satan aura, but their bodies resisted them, thus suffering no damage from the dark pillars.
“You are nothing but an abomination wanted dead,” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with antiprotons, antineutrons and positrons. “You are not a matter,” She knelt down and pointed it like a shoulder cannon before firing a triple helical beam on Qina, but they were absorbed and sparks were launched randomly like thunder sparks from the sky, forcing her to stop attacking.
“What about this?” Meltine charged herself with base (upgraded version of alkali) and acid auras. “Neutralized hell!” Acid and base was formed inside Qina and neutralized each other, producing heat inside its body yet it was unharmed other than heated up. The heat was quickly transferred to its sword.
“Hopeless….” Just when it charged its sword with water aura, “!” Its sword was broken when Delleria teleported to its front and smacked it onto the ground. A geyser shot up from the ground and threw it upwards, yet it charged itself with gravitons and it was dropping down onto the ground.
“You are finished!” Gerald switched to a rocket launcher and shot several rockets on it. A magic circle appeared and blocked them, but a sword thrust from Lefio in a suddenly pierced through its body.
“Fool. This is not the way to defeat at all,” It cast eject and Lefio was thrown downwards with his platinum sword. He crashed onto the ground and unable to move. Suddenly, the dark vortex appeared again and it was larger.
“Just go in there! We’ll fight them by our own!” Gerald healed Lefio while shooting more rockets on Qina. They nodded and went inside the dark vortex, leaving Gerald and Delleria alone. The fight is yet to over….

Route of Earth(Path 93-Road to The Ultimate)

April 24, 2010

“I guess a barrier and a barbarian will kill it,” Tefia charged herself with metal and non-elemental auras. “Metallic barrier!” She cast it on Orkaf. A gray colored barrier was visible, covering him while he stood still, looking at the plain wall.
“Thank you. You sure know how to deal with demons,” He dashed towards the wall at full speed while posing as a rugby player charging through opponents, attempting to crush the barrier using his shoulder. The laser beams were reflected by the barrier, despite it was slowly getting weaker and heating up. Suddenly,
“What the hell is this woman appearing in a sudden?” A woman with a Maltese cross hammer was lying in front of the wall and he jumped to avoid hitting her. He tried to crush it using elbow drop, but it was merely cracked and the barrier shattered and he was hit by the laser beams, which threw him back to his partners.
“Nulona!” The phantom quickly wore an additional layer of cloak and dashed towards her. “I told you to not go by yourself already!” He picked her up and teleported her back. She was unconscious with the hammer still on her hands.
“I’ll heal her. It’s better to think about how we can smack that wall down,” Meltine cast heal on her, but her body resisted for a few seconds before she was recovered. At the meantime, Lefio switched the parts of his axe halberd, charged it with astro and earth auras, and threw it as if it was a javelin. The halberd was sealed with meteor and moved like a meteor, blocking the lasers and hit the crack Orkaf formed earlier, yet it merely enlarged and the meteor pieces were shattered little by little. Lefio quickly teleported the halberd back to his hands.
“Use this. I don’t have the strength to blast that thing anymore,” The girl woke up, but she was feeling weak. Orkaf picked up the hammer and pointed it to the wall. “Use saint aura to enhance its power,”
“I will. After all, this wall is our common enemy,” He charged it with saint aura and a white colored barrier was formed around him, rendering him invisible. “Now leave us alone before I kill you!” He dashed towards the wall again while charging it with nature aura. “Saint log!” He held it as if it was a wooden log and knocked it like breaking a castle door. The wall was crushed and turned into dusts.
“Phew, this wall is really a big pain to work off,” Orkaf walked back to the woman and gave back her hammer. “Let’s go. We have made up this far, there is no way we will quit, isn’t it?”
“Yep. Let’s go. Yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Delleria Mikuo, a freelance fighter based on Orst. You might feel weird, but demons never entered that city. He is….” Delleria tried to introduce herself and the phantom, but he quickly interrupted.
“Gerald Jones, her partner. We were requested to free this country from demons so we decided to go by ourselves. But bumping with the chosen one…this is our honor,” Gerald walked away from them. The rest quickly followed him. At the meantime, inside the dark vortex,
“Qina, go and stop them now. They are approaching towards us. I just need more time to strengthen myself,”
“I understand. Those wretched people…I will crush them with my own hands,” Qina took out his L shaped sword and teleported itself away.
“If no one else can do, I will do it myself,” The final battle against the demons starts….

Route of Earth(Path 92-Road to The Ultimate Part Two)

April 18, 2010

After two days they entered Silto city, a city which looked like build in a wasteland, they were shocked that sandworms were attacking the citizens.
“Aid us, you moron!” A guard wearing titanium armor yelled at them. A sandworm attacked them from the ground, but they jumped and dodged it. Lefio took out his halberd, charged it with thunder aura and threw it as if it was a lance. A thunder dragon was “formed” and thrust through its body, turning it into dusts.
“I guess this is the only way. Sinker blast!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with explosion aura and threw it onto the ground. The ground was full with explosions, killing every sandworm around him. The others, including the guards quickly did the same. After 10 minutes, the city was cleared from the sandworms.
“That damned Qina!” The guard shouted after looking at the corpses of the dead guards.
“Who is Qina?” Tefia walked towards him and tapped his shoulder.
“The leader of the demons. After invading this country, it even go as far as invading other countries. This wretched demon…if I have the power I will rip it into smithereens!” He threw his sword upwards.
“We will do it for you,” Tefia walked towards an exit leading to Tinas. The rest quickly followed her before they run in the tunnel again. At the meantime,
“You have meet the wrong person, jackass!” A phantom (a slayer with formal wear as armor) was attacking a dark purple colored orb using his scythe, yet it was not even scratched. Then, satan (upgraded version of evil) aura was flowing around the orb and it turned into a wall which sealed the tunnel. Random lasers were launched on him and he was forced to dash backwards to retreat. Half a day later,
“What is a phantom doing here?” Meltine found a phantom lying on the ground. His black cloak and suit seemed to be damaged by lasers. “Wait…his scythe….”
“Oh…looks like some people are here….” He was mentally exhausted upon waking up. He picked up his scythes and found out that his scythe was damaged by the wall’s laser beams as well.
“What actually happened, fighter? You want to slay a demon too?” Orkaf walked towards him and recovered his scythe. He quickly removed his cloak and revealed his formal clothing.
“An orb turned into a wall which emits lots of laser beams. Even my scythe can’t handle them. At least the shafts in the scythe was unharmed. Perhaps those shaft wrecking abilities exists only in Yedrei continent…I guess,” He drank an energy potion and stood up while recovering his cloak and wore it again.
“Yeah, but this also means that we have one less means to smack those demons out, isn’t it? Let’s go. And I’m sure that someone else whom you ‘concerned’ has been ahead of you and went on smacking Qina, isn’t it? Looks like we will always get messed by fate,” Lefio sighed while repairing his scythe. They continued moving but 5 meters before they reached the wall, they were bombarded by the laser beams that they were unable to advance. At the meantime, inside the dark vortex,
“You are really brave to rush to our lair, aren’t you? Let’s see if you can lay a scratch on us!” Qina flowed satan aura around the vortex and bats spawned everywhere and attacked a woman wearing artificial leather jacket and brown jeans wielding a Maltese cross hammer.
“Don’t every try to mess with me!” She charged her hammer with saint (upgraded version of holy)aura and swung it in a circle before slamming it onto the ground, only to be teleported away.
“Saint powers are forbidden here, moron,” They are getting closer and closer to the final enemy….

Route of Earth(Path 91-Road to The Ultimate Part One)

April 17, 2010

After they have parted ways, Tefia and her companions were running in a tunnel leading to Silto. The tunnel was very dark that they were forced to cast illuminate to enlarge their visibility range.
“Are you sure that this is a right choice? There are a few tunnel pathways leading to the city,” Orkaf asked Tefia.
“Our time constraints never allowed us to take a safe route. With our abilities, we can outfight them. This, perhaps is the fate from gods,” Tefia took out her ifnarisis and shot a few energy balls randomly. After 10 seconds, a sound of hitting was heard.
“Die, demon!” Orkaf took out his doktionas and jumped, attempting to attack, but he hesitated upon looking that the energy balls actually hit a girl wearing dark green Kevlar suit. A black box was seen beside her. “A smuggler…what are you doing here?”
“I won’t tell you, but since that you are here, I think better use this on you instead of Uksyf city!” She opened the black box and venomous mists were released. Orkaf quickly cast purify and the gas was disappeared.
“I see…now surrender or you shall feel the wrath of the doktionas!” He charged it with venom (upgraded version of poison) aura and threw it towards her. She dodged it, yet venomous mists were emitted on her, which unable to penetrate her suit.
“Wrath? Try to boast, I think!” She dashed towards him while taking out her chain whip and charged it with venom aura. Then, Orkaf cast return on his doktionas and it thrust through her body before she managed to throw her whip. He grabbed it and jumped, attempting to attack her.
“What?” The chain suddenly straightened and she threw it on him. Lefio teleported to his side and knocked it back to her. She quickly jumped away while taking back her chain. Then, she stabbed it onto the ground. Snakes rode from the ground, attempting to bite them.
“Well, I guess we have to steal some spotlight somehow,” Meltine took out her machetes, charged them with pyro (upgraded version of flame) aura and jumped while throwing the machetes onto the ground. The ground was burning and the snakes were all killed, but the rest was injured by the burning as well.
“Take this,” Tefia cast extinguish to clear the flames while knelling to the ground and aimed her ifnarisis. “Ruby storm!” She launched the ruby and it split into ruby needles midair before they were launched on them. The smuggler dashed backwards to dodge them.
“You are just wimps. Catch me if you can!” She continued to dash backwards, trying to escape them. Orkaf and Lefio quickly chased her while Meltine and Tefia were preparing for long range spells.
“You can’t beat a man who fight in a mine!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with sky aura and threw it onto the ground. A tornado was formed while it was accelerating itself towards her. She tried to block it using her chain, but the chain was thrown away instead.
“Reverse direction warp!” Lefio charged his halberd and stab it through the ground. A portion of the halberd rose from the ground, stabbing through her. Then, the tornado hit her repeatedly.
“You shall not live beyond this moment!” A double helical saint (upgraded version of holy) beams hit her and she was unconscious. Then, a piece of not fell onto the ground. Lefio picked it up and read:
“Kill those wretched people using this gas, but if you meet up with the chosen one, kill them instead,”
“Let’s go. We have no time to stretch,” Tefia told everyone while she continued running the tunnel. They are yet to reach the city….

Route of Land(Path 90-Unexpected Ally)

April 16, 2010

After they went into the house, they lied against the wall near the door.
“They must be exhausted. I know how to deal with them.” Estau whispered to Tylane. Tylane went to the kitchen and made some tea for the exhausted fighters.
“They won’t drink this kind of drink. I’ll force them to consume it.” Brytef teleported the tea into their stomach. They woke up quickly.
“What do you think you are doing?” Syrfan scolded Brytef.
“We have to go to Fort Holiump. Some of our soldiers reported that someone was scouting around them for two consecutive days. We must check if there is any raid on it. About the drink, it is the tea which provides full recovery. Let’s go.” Brytef answered Syrfan. They quickly rushed towards there using dash, sprint, flash and restless spells with the mach boots and arrived there after 30 minutes. The fort looks like a tower. It has three floors, with a
“I’m sensing some sky aura. Let me see….” Syrfan cast sniper sight on himself and looked at the sky.
“What is it?” Fie asked him.
“An aeronaut, but riding on a flying rod.” Syrfan answered Fie.
“I’ll go and check there.” Clair flew towards the aeronaut. At the meantime,
“Hey, are the leaders of the rebel pact are all there?” A mysterious sound appeared on the sound portal.
“Yes, they are safe and sound. I’ll start the mission now.” The aeronaut replied to the sound and flew towards them but quickly stopped by Clair.
“Who are you? What is your intention?” Clair shouted.
“My name is Desirien Etnaf, a soldier under the northern siege project from Joques. I’m now ordered from the headquarters to check if there is any ambush on your team.” Desirien answered her.
“Follow us and we’ll confirm about this.” Clair dragged Desirien to the ground.
“Are you from the northern siege project?” Skatlm asked Desirien.
“Yes.” Desirien answered him.
“Well, isn’t that your comrades were raging war now in the southern areas? Why they send you here?” Harry asked Desirien.
“They are in a war now but they sent me to make sure that there are no other forces gather around here. I checked Qarci town and they are free of the enemy soldiers. I’ll escort…” Desirien told everyone but suddenly Etnus interrupted her.
“I think it should be we escorting you, I suppose?” Etnus bad mouthed her but he was quickly slapped by Harry.
“What if someone else said this to you?” Harry scolded Etnus.
“Hmph.” Etnus remained silent.
“Let’s go. I can’t hold the responsibility if we arrived later than two days from now.” Desirien told everyone.
“Why? Is there anything to do there?” Syrfan asked her.
“My leader wants to see you all for a strategy discussion. We are lucky now because the Itrigq ruin is still protected even it was blown several times. Some soldiers went inside and attempted to take the holy item but they were all injured and retreated from it. We need a plan if we want to eliminate the enemies there.” Desirien told everyone with a serious tone.
“They knew the long range assaulting ability so we must use another method. Am I right?” Gopler asked her.
“Yes. Looks like the knights of Hafnal are quite smart.” Desirien praised Gopler. They moved towards Qarci. Their next plan will be not as smooth as before….