Route of Earth(Path 80-Traces of War Part Three)

After two days, they arrived at Latrio. Everyone was busy with their work. The buildings were being repaired, the injured soldiers were healed, and some people doing some city development planning and some others were planning on how to attack Ticaran.
“Come with us. We have some urgent things to tell you,” A guard approached them while a few others dragged them into a camp.
“Sorry for the delay, but what I must say is that Wigos village is now in danger. We can’t afford to have that village getting captured by the demons again. We have no choice but to fight against it. Since that we don’t have much people left, we’ll go and attack Ticaran by drilling a tunnel directly south. At the meantime, I would want you to clear the other tunnel for us. It is an old long tunnel that connects to other countries via branches. Clear the branch leading to Letila and try to destroy the seal. Remember, that seal claimed lots of lives. I guess this is what I have for you. I think you must be questioning lots of things. Just ask me and I’ll answer you,” The man in beggar like clothing told everyone. It appeared that he did not change his clothing as a pride of fighting against the demons.
“What actually that seal is? If it is a special demon seal a holy based weapon blast will suffice,” Tefia asked her first question.
“We do thought about that, but the blasts which hit the seal turned dark immediately and some of our soldiers were heavily injured. Perhaps something really powerful can destroy the seal,” He sat down on a chair.
“Wait…is this the purpose of that beam of light?” Tefia was thinking on the light beam she and the other received earlier.
“I heard rumors that there are civil wars in Letila. Is that true?” Lefio asked him the next question.
“We can’t confirm this since that the country is now totally isolated from everything. But somehow, some demons managed to escape from the country and joined us for unknown reasons. Rumors said that a human demon prince was aiding them but it is merely a speculation,” He looked at them emotionlessly.
“Don’t tell me it’s that guy…I thought that humans in the realm of Satan not fighting outside of their realm…how is this possible?” Lefio was mumbling to himself.
“Um…is there anyone guarding Wigos village right now?” The spearman asked him.
“Your partner. I just fear that if things gotten worse she will be to hold on any longer. You better teleport yourself over there right now,” He stared the spearman sharply. The spearman quickly teleported himself away. The others quickly gave a bow and rushed to a tunnel leading northwest. At the meantime, in Wigos village,
“How much of these things are there?” The girl in formal wear was wielding artwork knife on both of her hands. After killing numerous hollows, she started to feel tired. After a few seconds, a skeleton suddenly appeared and charged towards her.
“Only you are guarding this place? How pathetic!” The skeleton took out a scimitar and charged it, attempting to finish her off.
“You are one who is pathetic!” She dodged its charging by strafing to her right and swung her knives from her left. The skeleton was shattered into pieces, but suddenly two skeletons, one at the front and the back charged towards her. Unaware of the skeleton at her back, she dashed backwards while launching slash waves to her front. Then suddenly,
“I’m late. I’m sorry,” She was hugged from the back with the skeleton at the back was shattered. Nothing can stop them now….


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