Route of Earth(Path 81-Survival Persistence)

“Let’s do this together, Yanas Ursa!” The girl in formal wear switch to a pair of shovels and charged to her front as she saw more skeletons showed themselves up. She charged them with rock aura and the blades were sealed with marbles. The skeletons were crushed into bone fragments.
“Got it, Joule Nakro!” Yanas dashed in opposite direction and crushed a few skeletons using his spear. Then, a Chinese skull dragon suddenly appeared just below the ceiling.
“You did well to survive until now, but can you take on me?” It dived downwards and crashed into the ground. Shockwaves emitted threw them away and they hit the buildings. Then, flame spikes were shot from the spot where the skull dragon dived in.
“You think you can really do this?” They dodged the spikes and ran back to the streets. Then, they charged their weapons with aqua aura and shot water jets on the hole. After a few seconds, it flew out from the hole while shooting water crystals on them.
“I am very sure of this,” It dived down onto the hole again and this time geysers launched them onto the ceiling. They quickly cast gravity on themselves and fell down slowly. Getting pissed off, the skull dragon charged itself with flame aura and the geysers became hot, injuring them slowly.
“We will survive to the end!” They teleported themselves onto the ground. The skull dragon flew out from the hole and spun in the air, spitting acid shots on them. The cast metal barrier on their weapons and blocked the shots. The barriers were turned into a thick layer of crystal. They threw their weapons as if they were lances.
“!” It was spinning faster, thinking that a swift spin will throw the weapons away, but the weapons thrust through instead and a few bones were shattered, but it was still able to fly. It flew upwards while charging itself with space aura.
“We can’t…move properly,” They were suddenly float in the air and surrounded by vacuum. They could breathe, but they could not move as they did not get used to space movements. After a few seconds, they suddenly fell down.
“Die!” The skull dragon charged itself with bolt aura and thunder struck from the ground, electrocuting them, yet they still conscious upon crashing onto the ground, able to stand up and heal themselves.
“You have to do more of this if you want to kill us,” They exchanged weapons and looked at the skull dragon emotionlessly. “Let’s do this together!” They charged their weapons with yin yang aura and let the weapons rotate around them. After a few seconds, the skull dragon dived down while charging itself with wood aura.
“You can’t kill me with this!” It was sealed with plywood. Just when it reached the hole, the weapons moved themselves and thrust through it. At the same time, they were surrounded by wooden vines and their energy was slowly drained.
“You fool,” They charged themselves with flame aura. The wooden vines and the plywood was burnt. The skull dragon was turned into dusts, but they fell onto the ground unconsciously as well. After 30 minutes,
“Ugh…are you okay, Joule?” They woke up yet they were exhausted. Their weapons were inside the hole it made earlier.
“Just getting exhausted by the burn,” They jumped down into the hole, picked up their weapons and climbed up back to the ground. “Let’s wait for them while having some rest in the bar. We have to guard this place anyway,” The restored the ground and walked into the bar Joule was in earlier. At the meantime, Tefia and the others were fighting against something they never seen before….


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