Route of Earth(Path 82-Dark Mirror)

While Tefia and the others are on their way, a black mirror suddenly appeared and emitted an black colored blast on them. Orkaf quickly stepped frontward and blocked it using his doktionas.
“Go away, you useless mirror!” He launched the metal block from his doktionas while charging his handle with metal aura. Palladium spike was formed, extending from the handle. The metal block was blocked by a magic circle and just when he threw the handle the metal block was repelled away. The doktionas was reformed, but it was moving towards them.
“Take this!” Lefio took out his halberd, attached the doktionas onto its tip and threw it as if it was a lance. Again, it was blocked but it dropped onto the ground instead of getting repelled. Tefia took out her ifnarisis and charged it with positrons while taking a posture as if she was aiming her bazooka.
“Watch out!” Meltine cast wall upon noticing evil aura on the mirror. It fired a larger blast which the wall barely blocked and shattered. Then, Tefia shot a positron blast and the mirror was cracked. The mirror turned purple and emitted a blast that fills the whole tunnel which healed itself.
“Oh, so you gonna blast us up, huh? Let’s see if you can shoot your big damn laser forever!” Orkaf absorbed the blast for 15 seconds, transferred the energy into his doktionas and stabbed it onto the ground. Bats, reapers and crows appeared in a sudden and charged towards the mirror.
“…” A magic circle appeared in front of the mirror and they were disappeared after going inside. Then, it turned white and light pillars suddenly engulfed them. They quickly absorbed the energy from the light to prevent damage, but suddenly a holy beam struck up on everyone and the absorbed energy damaged them instead.
“This is…unforgivable….” Meltine and Lefio spread their wings and launched feathers on them, yet the feathers shattered upon hitting the mirror. They fell onto the ground as they were too exhausted from the damage. They healed themselves while looking the mirror changing its colors.
“…” It changed its color to gray and charged itself with metal aura. But nothing was happened. After a few seconds,
“Ha, you think you can curb stomp us like this? No!” Orkaf’s doktionas was larger and he threw it to the mirror while charging it with wind and bolt auras. Whirlwind surrounded it while bolt pulses were covering the weapon. The mirror attempted to block the attack using his magic circle barrier, but he dashed and punched his doktionas, shattering the barrier and the mirror was cracked.
“Let me finish this,” Tefia launched her ifnarisis and it “clamped” on the doktionas, pushing it slightly frontward and a positron blast was launched using the charged positrons remaining in it. The mirror was shattered and turned into dusts. They continued moving and arrived at Wigos village. It was looked like a cowboy town, complete with sandy ground.
“You are late, pal. But never mind, let’s get going. We have a tunnel to clear out. But then, speaking of tunnels, I heard that there are a few people are attempting to break the seal but now they were treated in the sea. Given that the sea to the eastern continents are quite peaceful this might be a good thing,” Yanas was holding his spear while pointing it backwards.
“Yeah, before we go, I want to tell you that a few people from Letila managed to contact our superiors in Latrio. It seems that the seal at the southern side of the country was weakened to allow communications, but we better figure out ways to blow the stronger seal,” Joule was seen wielding a chainsaw. They left the village and went to the east into a long tunnel. It is not peaceful inside….


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