Route of Earth(Path 83-The Odd Silence)

While they are no their way, they felt odd that there were no demons in the tunnel. The ground was quite dusty, suggesting that there was someone in the tunnel smacking them down.
“From the marks on the walls, only one person I know can leave such marks,” Lefio suddenly gave a smirk when he saw mace marks on the tunnel’s wall.
“Ancrast, but that this impossible. Rumors said that he is now still in Ryscin dealing with some minor demon attacks,” Meltine quickly snapped him out.
“I see, but who will use a mace anyway? Don’t tell me that it is a demon who escaped from through the seal or some sort of this,” Lefio took out a halberd as he saw a shadow escaping him.
“Maybe. I heard that some demons or people went through the ruin which cross through several countries. If not for the demon problems that ruin will be changed into a free trade city one month from now. My boss on the land said that he will have his branch on the deep grounds opened there, but he is now blaming the demons and joined the rebels. I didn’t see him though,” Tefia took out her infnarisis as the shadow seemed to letting them chase it on purpose.
“It seems that it’s more like a SOS signal rather than a demon. My coworkers used this before to send emergency signals. The only bad thing about this is it is dark elemental, so it could be mistaken as a demon,” Orkaf did not took out his doktionas. After four days, they reached the seal but no one was there. Oddly, a hole was visible on the tunnel’s wall.
“Ungh….who’s there?” A vampire and a lilith woke up and walked out from the hole. Everyone was shocked and took out their weapons. “Phew…I thought that we will get ambushed or something. So, you are the chosen one?” They kept their weapons in their dimensional storage while the vampire was pointing at Tefia.
“Yes. So, are you telling us to break the seal?” Tefia walked towards the seal but nothing happened to her. Then, suddenly her body was glowing. A few seconds later Lefio, Orkaf and Meltine were glowing as well.
“Wait…is this how we are going to use the power?” Orkaf took out his doktionas and found out it was glowing as well. The rest quickly took out their weapons. They moved themselves towards the seal and the seal suddenly exploded and disappeared.
“Done? We exhausted ourselves for days and get nothing while you just blast it without doing anything? I guess we will be safe if we stick to you,” The lilith sighed. Then, suddenly,
“So, is the seal broken?” An unknown transmission from a sound portal appeared.
“Yes. So, should we go inside?” Tefia answered him.
“You must. You are our hope to completely obliterate Kotiva continent from the demons,” He closed the communication.
“I think we better leave this place to aid the rebels,” Yanas and Joule teleported themselves away. The rest quickly rushed past the border and sensed concentrated satan (upgraded version of evil) aura. At the meantime, inside Phrora village,
“Looks like there is no more demon armies secretly stored around this village. So, what should we do?” A dark elf was reporting to a barbarian.
“Go to Oksyf and do the same thing. That goddamned Qina shall pay for this,” He answered the dark elf while people surrounding him cheered for his words. “But, you shall stay here,”
“Because that seal was broken and some people are coming here?”
“Yes. We must prevent anyone from backstabbing us like what happened to the rebels in Oittra,” He took out steel club. He will meet his guests soon….


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