Route of Earth(Path 84-Traces of War Second Log)

After one day, they arrived at Phora village. It was looked like wasteland with clearly visible sandy ceiling. The houses looked like huts with travelling vendors showcasing their goods everywhere.
“Sorry if this startles you, but we are the rebels. We just recently cleared this village from the ones working for Qina the reaper. You must be the ones who blasted the seal. My boss wants to see you. You might get some news on the siege on Ticaran from him too,” A dark elf quickly ran towards them and gave a bow.
“I see. Just in one day things can change a lot,” They walked to a red flag located exactly at the center. A barbarian with white shenyi (a type of Chinese robe) wielding a titanium rod and a bamboo rod on his left and right hands respectively. He looked at the village peacefully.
“Welcome to Letila. They brought us here to rage war with humans, but we refused and teamed up with the humans. Too bad most of them were too weak to fight with us. Oh yeah, I’m Aslaeon Cerion, the leader of Demonic rebel army. I guess we will be together quite for some time, so,” He held the rods on his right hand and looked at them while holding the rods as if they were sticks.
“I know what you mean. I’m Tefia Rypal, the chosen one,” Tefia did the same thing with her ifnarisis.
“I’m Orkaf Sinox, a miner,” Orkaf did the same with his doktionas after switched its handle with a long one.
“I’m Lefio Kinaf, the second demon prince in the realm of satan,” Lefio held his axe halberd with its blades pointing backwards.
“I’m Meltine Phika, a saint,” Meltine merely pointed her machetes onto the ground.
“Good. Meet my assistant, Ilinax Jugna. Hey, come here. We have some big works to be done,” Aslaeon yelled at the dark elf. He quickly came towards them.
“What is it, boss?” Ilinax felt weird of his order.
“As for the Ticaran city, they made it. But the bad news is, they suffered from large casualty numbers. They will not join us to prevent enemies from invading. After all, building a country back from its ruined state will take a significant amount of time,” Aslaeon pulled out the flag.
“Shall we go, sir?” Ilinax started to stare him sharply.
“Yes. Be patient, pal,” He walked in a steady pace before started running. At the meantime, in a dark vortex,
“What? Our demon armies were wiped out by 25%?”
“Those rebels has found our storage bases and wiped them out. Luckily that they do not find any of them stored in alternate dimension, but I fear if we delay too long we will have problems,” Qina was holding a scythe.
“Send them to everywhere but here and Oittra. Let’s see how the countries will react then,”
“Yes,” Qina teleported itself away.
“As for those people….hahahahahahaha!” Back to Tefia and the others,
“Since when you started your rebellion?” Tefia asked Aslaeon.
“Around three months ago. I was given orders to get a criminal back, but later on the demons invaded the country, sealed it from any disturbances and ordered us to join them. Of course we are not going to do that. After all, we have no intend to disturb anything here, but we were vastly outnumbered so we decided to lure demons to us after the conquering ends. I feel sorry for those who died, though,” Aslaeon sighed.
“Because you think that you might be able to stop them? Unfortunately we have to stop them right now,” Meltine sensed the presence of demons. This is definitely something bad….


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