Route of Earth(Path 85-Bee Woman)

A swarm of killer bees was seen 50 meters away. They seemed to be blocking some sort of pathway.
“Let me pulverize….” Orkaf took out his doktionas and attempted to launch a pyro (upgraded version of flame) geyser burst on them yet Ilinax quickly paralyzed his hands.
“Don’t do that. They are known to spawn multiple clones when attacked. It was rumored that one seal deployed in this country was weakened by them. With such powers I’m afraid that if we alarmed them they will attack us like flesh eating bacterium: no mercy,” Ilinax explained to him. He quickly teleported his doktionas into his dimensional storage.
“Don’t worry, it’s me who deploy them so that no demons dare to attack us. March, my army of killer bees!” A girl with a bee costume suit made from Kevlar and Dacron suddenly appeared in front of them and walked as if nothing happened.
“Hey, Zinea Likrag, what the hell you are doing here? Isn’t that you are supposed to spy on Qina right now?” Ilinax quickly chased her.
“Stop being rude to my wi…I mean your second in command!” Aslaeon threw his bamboo rod and it hit Ilinax’s back.
“Ouch! Did you just say ‘wife’? Since when you have one?” Ilinax sensed his words and turned to him instead.
“Let’s just say that she wants me to pay for her service. After all, without these bees we might get attacked and all of our comrades’ efforts will be a big waste,” He walked faster and reached Ilinax.
“Why the people who help us always come in couples or husband and wife?” Lefio smirked at Zinea and Aslaeon.
“I guess someone is trying to mess with us. Gods won’t do this that blatantly,” Meltine tapped his shoulder.
“Well, we always need someone special, isn’t it?” Tefia looked at Orkaf.
“Definitely, but anyway, I thought that bees are one of the four demonic flying things, along with crows, bats and gargoyles,” Orkaf took out his doktionas again, getting ready to deal with any enemies which shows up.
“That goes to vulture. Bees are generally neutrally aligned insect. The four holy birds, however are eagle, hawk, lark and phoenix,” Meltine put her machetes on her waist, via a slot on her waist belt. They quickly fastened their steps to catch up with the others.
“Who are you actually? Some sort of beast master?” Orkaf blurted out his question to Zinea.
“You can say so. But I’m yet to become one. I’m just an A-class beast trainer. If not for this demon problem I will apply for upgrading my job class license soon. I’m sure that you guys have your own license as well,” Zinea smiled while flowing nature (upgraded version of wood) aura to the bees. Then, suddenly, an unpleasant smell was sensed by everyone. The bees started to dying and their dead bodies were lying on the ground.
“Purifier barrier!” Tefia quickly cast the spell on everyone, but she couldn’t cast the spell on the bees. “Those demons know the tricks…the smugglers are here?”
“You are right, you asshole! You have made us suffer and you shall pay for what you have done! Die under the sickle of Insana!” The bees were all died as they were exposed to more noxious gas, particularly ammonia and Sarin. A man in black was seen while wielding a big sickle with its handle covered with socks soaked in ammonia and Sarin.
“No wonder there are rumors of I’m having a bounty. It is the dirty work of yours! Now I shall wipe you out from this world!” Tefia took out her ifnarisis, charged it with thunder (upgraded version on bolt) aura and launched a thunder spark on him. A fight starts….


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