Route of Earth(Path 86-Revenge of The Smugglers)

“Stay back, folks. I will crush them with my own hands!” Tefia dashed towards Insana while holding her ifnarisis as if it was a shotgun. Oddly, the killer bees were revived as she ran past them, forming a deadly meatshield.
“Don’t be arrogant, only one of us will come out from here alive!” He formed a barrier 5 meters behind him while launching crescent slash waves on her. She absorbed them as her energy and cast night hell on him. The tunnel turned dark and crescent slash waves were launched randomly on him.
“Warp stab murinzran!” She cast the spell and a magic circle appeared on the ground. She threw her ifnarisis into the magic circle and six magic circles in a cubic formation trapped him. The ifnarisis stabbed through its vertices and injured him.
“Mime counter!” He cast the spell and She was injured by the same way as well. “And you shall suffer your fate! Break!” He cast break on the magic circles and they were shattered into pieces. The pieces then launched onto her, piercing through every part of her body. She fell down onto the ground, unable to move at all.
“I will never die, especially in such a stake!” She healed himself by absorbing earth (upgraded version of land) aura and turned it into non-elemental aura. Then, she stood up with trails of earth aura. “Spikes of doom!” She cast the spell and large spikes were launched on him. He crushed them down using his sickle while dashing towards her with his feet floating.
“You think I will stand here leaving you taking all this credit? Don’t be arrogant, pal!” Orkaf suddenly appeared and stabbed his stomach using his doktionas. “Insana, huh? You shall pay for what you did to my dead coworkers!” He spun his doktionas, making it like a drill while dashed away from Tefia.
“Orkaf? Let’s get fighting!” Tefia cast wall and Insana’s back was injured as he crashed onto a stone wall formed 3 meters behind him. “Let me join you, shall we?” She teleported 10 meters behind him and threw her ifnarisis as if it was a spear. She charged it with sky aura and made spinning like a drill. Just when the ifnarisis hit him,
“Is this what you got?” The weapons suddenly disappear and the wounds from the attacks were healed in a sudden. After split second, the damage from the attacks were transferred to them. Then, he proceed to absorb earth aura from the ground and petrified them.
“…(This is not other universe where being a stone kills a mind!)” They charged themselves with sub-zero (upgraded version of frost) aura and turned him into ice while restoring themselves. “This is for the miners!” Orkaf dashed towards Insana and slashed it repeatedly. It was shattered into pieces. Then, the killer bees were disappeared.
“I guess the bees are useless after all,” Zinea gave a smirking face to them. Ilinax, Lefio and Meltine turned away from them.
“Don’t be rude to our companions, will ya? After all, they are the main targets of the smugglers. It is unfair to drag them to our problems,” Aslaeon pinched Zinea’s face. They continued their way while sensing for any enemies nearby. At the meantime, in the dark vortex,
“The smugglers are quite useful to us, huh?”
“Definitely, Qina. Who thought that those useless morons that gets defeated again and again come to aid us? They indeed helped us in the past, but I guess their main target is to kill the chosen one. This makes things easier to us,”
“So, shall I continue with the demon army thing? Those rebels need some lesson,”
“Sure,” Qina teleported itself away. The smugglers are finally back….


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