Route of Earth(Path 87-Distressed? Not! A Damsel? Neither!)

After one day, while they were still moving in a tunnel,
“Tch…this hollow is not a typical one,” They saw someone in black was attacking a hollow made of marble using a pair of anti tank rifle, mounted directly onto one’s arms. The hollow was badly cracked that it was shielding the shots of the anti tank rifles using a barrier, which was almost shattered as well.
“Hollows, huh? I guess the demons are not trying hard to stop us,” Ilinax teleported behind the hollow and threw it away by swinging a hook lance to its “crotch” and proceeded swinging it backwards. It slammed the ground and crushed into smithereens.
“Ilinax? What the hell you are doing here?” The man in black asked Ilinax while pointing the rifles on him.
“Hey, are you still angry over that thing? It’s not my fault when I don’t know that you are a girl, you sick moron!” Ilinax pointed his lance to her. “Ednariel Quifa, I have no time to fight with you,” He kept his lance in his dimensional storage.
“Oh, you are using this as an excuse, huh? You can just jump to the other guys when you are dodging a bomb dropping on you! And, can you explain that perverted look when you are groping me?” She shot him, missing him on purpose.
“Um…just kill me if you want. I know you can’t bring yourself to do it so let me do it myself,” Ilinax walked towards her, knowing that she was hesitating. Just when he came close and holding the anti tank rifles, pointing the barrels on his heart,
“Get lost, you jerk!” She charged them with wind aura and blew him away with strong wind instead of shooting him. “Killing you is letting you away!” She blushed when shouting at him. Then, she shot air bullets at him, missing him on purpose. While she was shooting at him,
“What the hell is going on here? I can heard the conversations, but why don’t she just shoot him so that he can have a karmic death?” Orkaf felt impatient and took out his doktionas.
“You guys are all bastards!” She pointed her rifles on Orkaf, which the shots were blocked using wall spell by Tefia.
“Enough of that! Do you want me to do it the hard way?” He jumped at her, attempting to held her like what he did before. She was shocked and they fell onto the ground, with his hands on her chest.
“Yes!” She tried to blew him away by blowing air from her rifles, but she forgot to charged her rifles again with wind aura and accidentally shot his stomach instead. She quickly stood up, leaving his injured body on the ground before she knelt down and looked at him sadly.
“Isn’t that you want me dead? What with this sad face?” He smiled and blushed upon seeing her almost crying. She healed his wounds while a few tears dropped from her eyes exactly at his eyes. “I guess you are just bursting your angry emotions. Don’t gone berserk like that next time, okay? You could just kill everyone here,”
“You…I will kill you off for real if you do it again…maybe….” She teleported her rifles into her dimensional storage and put her hands on his face. “Or I guess I have a crush on you so much that I don’t know how to be angry properly,” She stopped crying and smiled.
“Let’s move on, shall we? We have more important things to attend,” He stood and looked at them. Everyone continued to move. They will face their strongest enemy up to this point….


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