Route of Earth(Path 88-Welcoming Blast)

Just when they arrived at Ukysf one day later, a deep ground city with ground plastered with mosaic tiles,
“They shall not enter here!” A neutron beam was shot at them exactly when they just stepped inside the city and threw were blown 10 meters away from the entrance and it was quickly sealed. Another smuggler appeared at their back, but he was in white clothing instead of usual black one.
“Ha, you are just bring yourself to death by doing this, arsehole!” Orkaf jumped backwards and slammed her onto the ground. He quickly leaped back and turned around. Everyone looked at her, waiting for her to attack.
“Die!” A positron blast was emitted from her without any charging. Meltine charged herself with non-elemental aura and formed an invisible shield to block them. Tefia and Orkaf quickly dashed to the seal and attempted to blow the seal, but it left no scratch at all.
“Maybe some insects will teach some good lesson,” Zinea teleported some pheromone scent to her back and killer bees were moved towards her, yet they were all killed when another positron blast were emitted from her back.
“Warp shot!” Ilinax took out a bowgun and cast the spell. It went through the shield and appeared above her, distracted her that the beam on her front  were disappeared while she dashed backwards. Lefio charged himself and charged towards her, attempting to ram the shield onto her, yet she launched the positron beam again, stopping him 1 meter away from her.
“Warp!” Aslaeon cast the spell and tried to warp the beams back to her from vertical axes but she blocked them by emitting positron beams on such directions. “Burst!” He cast the spell and she was hit, but a blast was suddenly emitted on them and the barrier was cracked.
“Now!” Ednariel mounted her anti tank rifles on her hands and shot the smuggler just after the attack ended. She was hit and fell onto the ground. Ednariel charged her rifles and shot her again. She was unconscious, but then she turned into a hollow.
“You just don’t give up, do you?” Lefio dashed towards it and slashed it using his axe halberd, yet it was stuck instead of slashing through. “Or you want something worse than this?” He charged it with sub-zero (upgraded version of frost) aura and it was shattered into pieces before turned into dusts.
“This damned thing just won’t break!” Orkaf and Tefia continued to blast the seal and it was not damaged at all. Then, suddenly,
“Hey, stop that! That is not the work of that smuggler but our guards!” A laser beam pierced through the seal and they were stunned. The attacks were stopped and the seal disappeared. “Heroes nowadays think that vandalism is heroism!” A guard wearing brown painted IP square (an alloy made from 25% of palladium, 25% of platinum, 25% of iridium and 25% of indium) armor appeared in front of them. At the meantime, inside the dark vortex,
“What? The demon armies defeated the moment they arrived? This is ridiculous!”
“Should I go and kill those rebels on my own? I have reserves and the rebels somehow managed to wipe out some demons despite my efforts to hide them,”
“No, Qina. Your job is to ensure the number of demons ready for attacking them again is sufficient. Job of guarding them will be done by your powerful subordinates. This might not really necessary, but keep track of the chosen one and the rebel leaders. I will call someone to kill them off if they are moving towards us,”
“I understand, master,” Things are secretly getting worse….


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