Route of Earth(Path 89-Land Ambush)

After they went inside Uksyf city, they wandered around the place. After 2 minutes, a hole was suddenly seen on the ceiling.
“Kill them!” A goblin dropped onto the ground while carrying a cylindrical diamond club. Then, a few more of them showed up. They charged their clubs with astro (upgraded version of space) and earth aura and knocked them onto the ground. Asteroids rained from the ceiling which directed on them.
“Impulse slash!” Lefio and Meltine cast the spell on their weapons and knocked them back onto the goblins, yet they blocked the asteroids easily using an invisible spiked barrier. Then, Orkaf dashed past them while charging his doktionas with oracle (upgraded version of yin yang) aura.
“Ha!” A goblin teleported to his back and attempted to attack him from behind, yet he lengthen the length of his doktionas’s handle and turned around, swinging it and threw the goblin back to its friends. He continued dashing towards them.
“Barrier blaster!” Ednariel sensed an invisible spiked barrier and charged it with explosion aura, shooting two explosive shots on it. Orkaf stabbed his doktionas in front of the barrier in a horizontal formation and a wave burst through the barrier, throwing them 3 meters away. The shots, however, crushed the barrier but missed the goblins. While they were thrown midair,
“Thunder spark arrow!” Ilinax took out his bowgun, charged it with thunder aura and shot an arrow to the air. It split into four and launched onto them. Just before they were hit,
“Earth citeriza!” Meltine cast the spell after charging herself with earth aura. They were surrounded by a magic circle above their heads and on their feet each and a cylindrical encasing. Granite spikes stabbed them, making the spikes looked like Maltese crosses. The thunder arrows stabbed through them and thunder sparks were emitted from the ceiling onto the ground through them. Oddly, they were unharmed at all. Suddenly,
“Watch out! Landscape seal!” A micro scale earthquake was happened on the ground they were standing on. Tefia and Aslaeon quickly cast the spell and the earthquake was stopped. Suddenly, diamond spikes appeared in front of them and moved randomly, trapping them except Orkaf inside and damaged them little by little.
“I guess I have to use magic after all…and I haven’t cast a spell before never mean that I can’t! Vertical drop!” Orkaf cast the spell on the diamond spikes and they were teleported above the goblins and dropped onto them.
“Orkaf…thank you,” The goblins knocked the diamond spikes onto Orkaf, which he blocked them using his doktionas. The spikes damaged him and ripped his clothes little by little. Tefia suddenly stood by his side and formed a reflect barrier on him, reflecting the remaining diamond spikes back to the goblins.
“This is no time for romance, idiots! Sting of the bees!” Zinea cast the spell and killer bee’s stings were launched from the ground, turning them into dusts. “You two nothing but morons!” She shouted at them even after the battle was over.
“Calm down. It’s normal to people doing this to impress people. Let’s wander around some more,” They left the area and wandered more. The building were all plastered with mosaic tiles. Then, the guard who attacked them earlier suddenly appeared.
“My boss wants to see you. After all, who wants to miss the moments of the leader of the rebels and the chosen one are together?” He sealed them in a cubic seal and dragged the seal to a tower reaching the ceiling. At the meantime, inside the dark vortex,
“Qina, what the hell you are doing? The demon armies were wiped out again and again!”
“I will fix this immediately,” A twist has happened….


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