Route of Earth(Path 91-Road to The Ultimate Part One)

After they have parted ways, Tefia and her companions were running in a tunnel leading to Silto. The tunnel was very dark that they were forced to cast illuminate to enlarge their visibility range.
“Are you sure that this is a right choice? There are a few tunnel pathways leading to the city,” Orkaf asked Tefia.
“Our time constraints never allowed us to take a safe route. With our abilities, we can outfight them. This, perhaps is the fate from gods,” Tefia took out her ifnarisis and shot a few energy balls randomly. After 10 seconds, a sound of hitting was heard.
“Die, demon!” Orkaf took out his doktionas and jumped, attempting to attack, but he hesitated upon looking that the energy balls actually hit a girl wearing dark green Kevlar suit. A black box was seen beside her. “A smuggler…what are you doing here?”
“I won’t tell you, but since that you are here, I think better use this on you instead of Uksyf city!” She opened the black box and venomous mists were released. Orkaf quickly cast purify and the gas was disappeared.
“I see…now surrender or you shall feel the wrath of the doktionas!” He charged it with venom (upgraded version of poison) aura and threw it towards her. She dodged it, yet venomous mists were emitted on her, which unable to penetrate her suit.
“Wrath? Try to boast, I think!” She dashed towards him while taking out her chain whip and charged it with venom aura. Then, Orkaf cast return on his doktionas and it thrust through her body before she managed to throw her whip. He grabbed it and jumped, attempting to attack her.
“What?” The chain suddenly straightened and she threw it on him. Lefio teleported to his side and knocked it back to her. She quickly jumped away while taking back her chain. Then, she stabbed it onto the ground. Snakes rode from the ground, attempting to bite them.
“Well, I guess we have to steal some spotlight somehow,” Meltine took out her machetes, charged them with pyro (upgraded version of flame) aura and jumped while throwing the machetes onto the ground. The ground was burning and the snakes were all killed, but the rest was injured by the burning as well.
“Take this,” Tefia cast extinguish to clear the flames while knelling to the ground and aimed her ifnarisis. “Ruby storm!” She launched the ruby and it split into ruby needles midair before they were launched on them. The smuggler dashed backwards to dodge them.
“You are just wimps. Catch me if you can!” She continued to dash backwards, trying to escape them. Orkaf and Lefio quickly chased her while Meltine and Tefia were preparing for long range spells.
“You can’t beat a man who fight in a mine!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with sky aura and threw it onto the ground. A tornado was formed while it was accelerating itself towards her. She tried to block it using her chain, but the chain was thrown away instead.
“Reverse direction warp!” Lefio charged his halberd and stab it through the ground. A portion of the halberd rose from the ground, stabbing through her. Then, the tornado hit her repeatedly.
“You shall not live beyond this moment!” A double helical saint (upgraded version of holy) beams hit her and she was unconscious. Then, a piece of not fell onto the ground. Lefio picked it up and read:
“Kill those wretched people using this gas, but if you meet up with the chosen one, kill them instead,”
“Let’s go. We have no time to stretch,” Tefia told everyone while she continued running the tunnel. They are yet to reach the city….


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