Route of Earth(Path 92-Road to The Ultimate Part Two)

After two days they entered Silto city, a city which looked like build in a wasteland, they were shocked that sandworms were attacking the citizens.
“Aid us, you moron!” A guard wearing titanium armor yelled at them. A sandworm attacked them from the ground, but they jumped and dodged it. Lefio took out his halberd, charged it with thunder aura and threw it as if it was a lance. A thunder dragon was “formed” and thrust through its body, turning it into dusts.
“I guess this is the only way. Sinker blast!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with explosion aura and threw it onto the ground. The ground was full with explosions, killing every sandworm around him. The others, including the guards quickly did the same. After 10 minutes, the city was cleared from the sandworms.
“That damned Qina!” The guard shouted after looking at the corpses of the dead guards.
“Who is Qina?” Tefia walked towards him and tapped his shoulder.
“The leader of the demons. After invading this country, it even go as far as invading other countries. This wretched demon…if I have the power I will rip it into smithereens!” He threw his sword upwards.
“We will do it for you,” Tefia walked towards an exit leading to Tinas. The rest quickly followed her before they run in the tunnel again. At the meantime,
“You have meet the wrong person, jackass!” A phantom (a slayer with formal wear as armor) was attacking a dark purple colored orb using his scythe, yet it was not even scratched. Then, satan (upgraded version of evil) aura was flowing around the orb and it turned into a wall which sealed the tunnel. Random lasers were launched on him and he was forced to dash backwards to retreat. Half a day later,
“What is a phantom doing here?” Meltine found a phantom lying on the ground. His black cloak and suit seemed to be damaged by lasers. “Wait…his scythe….”
“Oh…looks like some people are here….” He was mentally exhausted upon waking up. He picked up his scythes and found out that his scythe was damaged by the wall’s laser beams as well.
“What actually happened, fighter? You want to slay a demon too?” Orkaf walked towards him and recovered his scythe. He quickly removed his cloak and revealed his formal clothing.
“An orb turned into a wall which emits lots of laser beams. Even my scythe can’t handle them. At least the shafts in the scythe was unharmed. Perhaps those shaft wrecking abilities exists only in Yedrei continent…I guess,” He drank an energy potion and stood up while recovering his cloak and wore it again.
“Yeah, but this also means that we have one less means to smack those demons out, isn’t it? Let’s go. And I’m sure that someone else whom you ‘concerned’ has been ahead of you and went on smacking Qina, isn’t it? Looks like we will always get messed by fate,” Lefio sighed while repairing his scythe. They continued moving but 5 meters before they reached the wall, they were bombarded by the laser beams that they were unable to advance. At the meantime, inside the dark vortex,
“You are really brave to rush to our lair, aren’t you? Let’s see if you can lay a scratch on us!” Qina flowed satan aura around the vortex and bats spawned everywhere and attacked a woman wearing artificial leather jacket and brown jeans wielding a Maltese cross hammer.
“Don’t every try to mess with me!” She charged her hammer with saint (upgraded version of holy)aura and swung it in a circle before slamming it onto the ground, only to be teleported away.
“Saint powers are forbidden here, moron,” They are getting closer and closer to the final enemy….


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