Route of Earth(Path 93-Road to The Ultimate)

“I guess a barrier and a barbarian will kill it,” Tefia charged herself with metal and non-elemental auras. “Metallic barrier!” She cast it on Orkaf. A gray colored barrier was visible, covering him while he stood still, looking at the plain wall.
“Thank you. You sure know how to deal with demons,” He dashed towards the wall at full speed while posing as a rugby player charging through opponents, attempting to crush the barrier using his shoulder. The laser beams were reflected by the barrier, despite it was slowly getting weaker and heating up. Suddenly,
“What the hell is this woman appearing in a sudden?” A woman with a Maltese cross hammer was lying in front of the wall and he jumped to avoid hitting her. He tried to crush it using elbow drop, but it was merely cracked and the barrier shattered and he was hit by the laser beams, which threw him back to his partners.
“Nulona!” The phantom quickly wore an additional layer of cloak and dashed towards her. “I told you to not go by yourself already!” He picked her up and teleported her back. She was unconscious with the hammer still on her hands.
“I’ll heal her. It’s better to think about how we can smack that wall down,” Meltine cast heal on her, but her body resisted for a few seconds before she was recovered. At the meantime, Lefio switched the parts of his axe halberd, charged it with astro and earth auras, and threw it as if it was a javelin. The halberd was sealed with meteor and moved like a meteor, blocking the lasers and hit the crack Orkaf formed earlier, yet it merely enlarged and the meteor pieces were shattered little by little. Lefio quickly teleported the halberd back to his hands.
“Use this. I don’t have the strength to blast that thing anymore,” The girl woke up, but she was feeling weak. Orkaf picked up the hammer and pointed it to the wall. “Use saint aura to enhance its power,”
“I will. After all, this wall is our common enemy,” He charged it with saint aura and a white colored barrier was formed around him, rendering him invisible. “Now leave us alone before I kill you!” He dashed towards the wall again while charging it with nature aura. “Saint log!” He held it as if it was a wooden log and knocked it like breaking a castle door. The wall was crushed and turned into dusts.
“Phew, this wall is really a big pain to work off,” Orkaf walked back to the woman and gave back her hammer. “Let’s go. We have made up this far, there is no way we will quit, isn’t it?”
“Yep. Let’s go. Yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Delleria Mikuo, a freelance fighter based on Orst. You might feel weird, but demons never entered that city. He is….” Delleria tried to introduce herself and the phantom, but he quickly interrupted.
“Gerald Jones, her partner. We were requested to free this country from demons so we decided to go by ourselves. But bumping with the chosen one…this is our honor,” Gerald walked away from them. The rest quickly followed him. At the meantime, inside the dark vortex,
“Qina, go and stop them now. They are approaching towards us. I just need more time to strengthen myself,”
“I understand. Those wretched people…I will crush them with my own hands,” Qina took out his L shaped sword and teleported itself away.
“If no one else can do, I will do it myself,” The final battle against the demons starts….


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