Route of Earth(Path 94-Darkest Demon Duel Part One)

After one day, they arrived at Tinas. It was an empty capital with the buildings and ground painted black. They were shrouded with low visibility, with faint light from the ceiling barely lighting the capital. A dark vortex was visible at the center of the capital, above a fountain, but it was disappeared. Then, Qina appeared above the fountain and flew towards them. It was covered with black cloak, black cape and a black mask, despite red laser-like eyes were seen.
“You have come this far, but this is your end. Welcome to the realm of death!” The faint light was disappeared and they were only able to see the red eyes. It took out its L-shaped sword and dashed towards them while charging them.
“Death? I guess world of dusts shall coming to you!” Gerald charged his scythe with saint aura but it was quickly dissipated. “This is….” He was shocked and switched to oracle (upgraded version of yin yang) aura but it was dissipated as well.
“Lights are dimmed here. Enjoy the dark slaughter!” It flew past them and slashed through their bodies. “And how darkness succumb you into evil ways!” Satan aura was flowing through the wounds into their body.
“And you forget you have a demon here,” Lefio was unaffected by the satan aura and threw his axe halberd to Qina, only to be blocked and warped to his back. He caught it without turning back and threw it again while teleporting to its back. The warp cause the halberd hit it and it fell onto the ground.
“Dark is not evil, asshole!” Orkaf flowed the satan aura into his doktionas and threw it towards Qina while it was still falling. The rest quickly did the same with their weapons and it was heavily damaged, yet it absorbed the satan aura and healed itself.
“Maybe I should have just simply attacked you earlier as you are all pathetic morons!” It woke up, charged its sword with satan aura and stabbed it onto the ground. Invisible dark pillars engulfed them in streams of satan aura, but their bodies resisted them, thus suffering no damage from the dark pillars.
“You are nothing but an abomination wanted dead,” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with antiprotons, antineutrons and positrons. “You are not a matter,” She knelt down and pointed it like a shoulder cannon before firing a triple helical beam on Qina, but they were absorbed and sparks were launched randomly like thunder sparks from the sky, forcing her to stop attacking.
“What about this?” Meltine charged herself with base (upgraded version of alkali) and acid auras. “Neutralized hell!” Acid and base was formed inside Qina and neutralized each other, producing heat inside its body yet it was unharmed other than heated up. The heat was quickly transferred to its sword.
“Hopeless….” Just when it charged its sword with water aura, “!” Its sword was broken when Delleria teleported to its front and smacked it onto the ground. A geyser shot up from the ground and threw it upwards, yet it charged itself with gravitons and it was dropping down onto the ground.
“You are finished!” Gerald switched to a rocket launcher and shot several rockets on it. A magic circle appeared and blocked them, but a sword thrust from Lefio in a suddenly pierced through its body.
“Fool. This is not the way to defeat at all,” It cast eject and Lefio was thrown downwards with his platinum sword. He crashed onto the ground and unable to move. Suddenly, the dark vortex appeared again and it was larger.
“Just go in there! We’ll fight them by our own!” Gerald healed Lefio while shooting more rockets on Qina. They nodded and went inside the dark vortex, leaving Gerald and Delleria alone. The fight is yet to over….


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