Route of Earth(Path 95-Darkest Demon Duel Part Two)

“Over your dead body!” Qina charged itself with satan aura and shot a purple colored blast to the dark vortex, onlt to be blocked by shining photon wall spell cast by Gerald and Delleria from saint aura photons. “What? I can’t crush even two people?” It tried to amplify the blast but the blast ended before he managed to do so.
“Because you are evil!” Gerald charged his legs with sky aura and kicked the wall, which was intact to Qina, only to be crushed into pieces be its sword. They stared each other sharply, as if they want to rip their enemy into pieces.
“Then try to take me one on one!” Qina dashed towards Gerald while charging its sword with sub-zero aura. He quickly dashed towards it as well while charging his scythe with earth aura. Both weapons were shattered upon contact, yet Gerald quickly punched it and it was thrown 5 meters away.
“I am more than willing!” He cast barrier and a hemisphere shaped barrier was visible. Delleria was left outside and she became angry while charging her hammer with thunder aura slowly. “I’m sorry, but this is the only way,” Gerald shut his eyes.
“What the hell is happening on you? Are you just too shocked that I’m powerful to defeat you?” Qina teleported to his back, yet he swung his scythe backwards and threw Qina to the barrier. It was injured, yet it quickly recovered itself. It stood up and threw its sword to the top of the barrier.
“No, but I’m sad that I must sacrifice my principles to kill you!” Gerald was still having his eyes shut and leaped to the sword. He grabbed its handle, but just when he tried to threw it back to Qina, it quickly charged the sword and electrocuted him instead.
“Well, I guess even this can’t defeat me after all,” Qina took out an obsidian spear and threw it towards him. A crow was “formed” and thrust through him, leaving him hanging midair as the spear stuck on the barrier. Just when it took out another obsidian spear,
“Qina…how dare you separate him from me in combat? You shall receive the wrath of a raging berserker!” Her hammer was white in color, complete with glowing light and streams of thunder aura. She teleported inside the barrier and charged towards Qina, crushing it on a barrier.
“This…is…impossible…curse…you….” It was turned into dusts and the barrier disappeared. Gerald teleported and healed himself, but he was quickly slapped by Delleria. She even punched his left shoulder.
“You know I cannot stand you separating yourself, don’t you? Then why you must pitting yourself against him? Don’t you get heavily injured and you are relying on me to kill that bastard?” She grabbed his suit, as if threatening to kill. Oddly, tears
“I do it on purpose. Only your power of anger can kill that bastard. That’s why I shut my eyes: I don’t want to see you angry. That image of you will never be recorded in my memories. I really sorry for that. Let’s hope that they are doing well inside,” He wiped her tears softly. They both smiled while a narrow beam of light was emitted on them. At the meantime, inside the vortex,
“What is this? Your existence…is nothing but a big disaster to Lefrad! You shall be ceased of your existence!” Meltine was shocked when the saw a huge dark orb appeared in front of them, which transformed into a crystal hollow.
“That is if I really ceased. Can you even cause damage to me?” It charged itself with hydro (upgraded version of aqua) aura. This is sure to be a long fight….


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