Route of Earth(Path 96-Darkest Demon Duel Part Three)

“You think this really works?” Tefia charged her ifnarsis with pyro (upgraded version of flame) aura and sealed herself under a burning sphere, shielding itself with a water pillar which surrounded her. The others tried to approach the hollow o attack, but they were blocked by a spherical barrier.
“This is sickening, but you are just asking for more!” Orkaf threw his doktionas upwards, enlarged it by charging it with metal aura and cast gravity on it. The weapon was dropped on the hollow, yet it was still blocked by the barrier and fell on them, only to be shrink and caught by Orkaf.
“More? This is nothing but a little thing. Let’s see if you can have something more than this,” It charged itself with thunder aura and launched thunder sparks on them. They looked like thunder rods places closed with each others. They tried to absorb the thunder sparks, but they were too much that they were electrocuted. They fell onto the ground and paralyzed. Their weapons were floating and formed a barrier, defending them from the second wave of the thunder sparks.
“I see. Maybe this is your powers, but this is not enough to defeat us!” Orkaf forced himself to move and stood up, pointing his doktionas on the hollow. Trails of dragon aura was visible on it. “T(h)undra!” He charged his doktionas with thunder and sub-zero auras before throwing it. An ice dragon covered with thunder sparks was “formed” extended from the weapon. It was attempting to break through the barrier while he was healing others.
“You don’t know your limits, do ya?” The hollow charged itself with pyro aura and the ice dragon turned into a water crystal dragon instead. The shield was broken and the dragon thrusting towards it, yet a punch from the hollow not just breaking the dragon, but absorbed its thunder sparks as thunder aura as well. The doktionas was returned to his hands and it was severely cracked. He quickly recovered the weapon.
“Our limits? It is beyond what you have expected,” The others woke up and pointed their weapons on the hollow. Trails of astro and earth auras were visible. A few seconds later, asteroid rained at the hollow, yet a new barrier was formed and blocked them, with shockwaves emitted damaging them.
“Still in my expectations. Come on, show me what you have!” The barrier was shattered into pieces and teleported inside their bodies, but they were quickly teleported outside and disappeared. A few seconds later, explosions were occurred randomly on the ground. They quickly jumped away to dodge, yet the explosions appeared midair and they were burned.
“What about this?” They teleported the flames to the hollow, yet they were absorbed and pyro pillars appeared everywhere. They quickly cast extinguish, but it didn’t work. They were only able to seal themselves in a water crystal seal and wait until the attack ended.
“Insane…this demon is totally insane…I’ll have become one to kill you, I think,” Lefio’s wings turned purple and his eyes changed from blue to ivory. He took out an odd weapon. It was made out from a knife handle, sword blade with gun barrels as cross guards and short spears attached on them. He walked slowly towards the hollow, leaving everyone else shocked.
“Lefio!” Meltine’s wings were glowing, reducing the tone of Lefio’s wings and eyes. She tried to chase him, but she was unable to move at all. “Lefio, don’t do it. You will succumb into evil,” Tears fell from her eyes as she tried to give a mind transmission to him.
“This is the only way. My body may turn evil, but not my mind and my soul. I can’t see you injured more,” He held the weapon more tightly. This is yet to over…


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