Route of Earth(Path 97-Darkest Demon Duel Part Four)

Lefio’s weapon was glowing with black colored light. Just when he was 10 meters away from the hollow,
“The void…I thought such powers are obsolete. But then, not even that can stop me!” The hollow charged itself with venom aura and tried to poison him, yet he resisted and flowed the venom aura into his weapon.
“Ziclerion! Defeat the darkness using darkness!” The weapon was teleported 20 meters above the hollow. It was enlarged before a purple blade was formed, extending from the blade’s tip. The hollow merely laughed manically and the sword was shrinked. “What?” Lefio suddenly sealed inside a satan seal and teleported to his ziclerion, which was shirnked to the size of a coin. “Die!” He grabbed the weapon, charged it with satan aura and threw it as if it was a grenade. It was covered in a purple colored energy ball.
“It’s useless to stand here and do nothing!” Orkaf teleported to the hollow’s back and punched its back upwards, sending it to the weapon. The hollow was hit and split into half as its body was vaporized.
“Curse…you!” It charged itself with explosion aura and exploded itself, trying to launch a final attack, yet Tefia and Meltine seal it in a metal encasing. The explosion had vaporized the encasing.
“Let’s leave this place. The smugglers may….” Just when a light circle showing the exit was appeared,
“Well, how dare you mess with my partnership, huh? You might be able to…!” A man in black was appeared walking inside from the exit, but suddenly black colored slashed appeared on him, critically damaged him and he was teleported away. Outside the vortex,
“Damn! How could they send this much of people inside this place?” Gerald and Delleria were fighting waves of smugglers in black formal clothing trying to rush inside the dark vortex. Sounds of battle echoed throughout the capital as Ilinax and Ednariel were helping them out by using multiple target attacks midair.
“Who knows? One thing for sure, they are very pissed off with the death of the leader of demons,” Ilinax was flying using the fly spell while shooting explosive arrows on the ground while dodging gunshots. The battle seemed to be endless, yet,
“Jump!” Ednariel flew upwards after sensing antimatter laser. The ground turned white, killing everyone who stepped on the ground. After a few seconds, Tefia and the others appeared and saw no one is in the capital except the one who were fighting against the smugglers and the corpses of them.
“I guess we have more enemies to fight against. The demons….” Orkaf looked at the ceiling, which was slowly turning white. The buildings were becoming colorful with small sized mosaic tiles arranged like a piece of art. Then, suddenly, the corpses were disappeared, people living in the capital appeared and behaved as if nothing happened at all.
“Looks like the demon reign in the Kotiva continent is over. Thanks for capturing this city,” A guard patrolling the capital told them. Then, they were teleported outside of the capital and surprised seeing Aslaeon and Zinea.
“We have to go back to the northern area now to clear the demons and smugglers remaining. But before that, if you want to help us, you should go to Oiteo port  town. Rumors said that the smugglers intended to cross the ocean to the eastern continents. Please, consider it,” They teleported themselves away with Ilinax and Ednariel.
“We have to depart as well. We have errands at Ziltto and we intended to take an express tunnel which leads there directly. Good luck,” Gerald and Delleria teleported themselves away as well. The rest continued running along the tunnel. The true threat is yet to over….


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