Route of Earth(Path 98-Final Assault)

Three days later, they arrived at Oiteo, a port town which has no residential areas, perhaps it was located away by a tunnel. There was only warehouses, docks and patrol stations with people here and there.
“The smugglers…let’s check the docks,” They split up and searched around the docks, which connected to a sea tunnel with ships docked beside them. After 30 minutes, they found nothing, even after checking the records from the patrolmen.
“I’m sorry to say, but they left this place already. They disguised as tourists to escape with their goods in a submarine registered in a foreign continent. There is no sign of smuggling so we have to let them go. But maybe some of them are still here,” A guard approached them. They decided to search the warehouses and found something suspicious: Someone was using the teleport spell.
“Stop it right there!” Lefio threw his halberd to a few men in black teleporting illegal goods. They quickly jumped away and took out homing missile launchers, shooting missiles at them. They quickly dashed inside and destroyed the missiles before they hit.
“Take this!” They charged their missile launchers and knocked them onto the ground. Missiles were launched from the ground, blowing them upwards to the roof, and eventually crashing on the ceiling. “I guess this is enough to…!” Orkaf teleported to their back and knocked them down onto the ground using his fists, only to be blown to a wall.
“I guess you two are just have strong weapons but weak defense. Let’s see how you can survive this!” Meltine charged herself with oracle aura and cast oracle murinzran on them. They were surrounded by six magic circles arranged as a cube and bronze coin daggers appeared randomly and slashed through them repeatedly, yet they were still focused and launched a missile to break the magic circles, thus cancelling the spell.
“We might not as strong as the demons, but we are far stronger than what you’ve expected!” They switched to a pair of IP square swords and flew towards the falling people. “Die!” The charged the sword with sub-zero aura and the sword along with their hands were covered under perfectly crystalline ice.
“We are not as weak as you think as well!” Orkaf dashed to the center of the warehouse and threw his doktionas upwards. “Rocket thrust!” The weapon moved like a rocket which directed on them, yet they realized it and proceeded to knocked it down.
“Now!” Tefia took out her doktionas and threw it down on them while charging it with pyro aura. A phoenix was “formed” and its “wings” slashed through them, burning them alive. They were turned into dusts.
“So the smugglers using the remaining demons as decoys. I guess the threat is gone, but they finally get away with what they have done. Perhaps this is fate, I think,” Tefia sighed at the illegal goods.
“Definitely. They have escaped out to the foreign waters so we can’t catch them anymore,” Ancrast suddenly walked inside with Weiloe accompanying him. They were shocked that they appeared at such time.
“Hey, isn’t that you have errand in Ryscin?” Lefio smirked at them.
“The errands are complete and we were sightseeing Orst three days earlier. We need to have some personal time, after all,” Ancrast showed his zirt (an alloy made from 50% of zirconium and 50% of titanium) ring.
“Don’t do that, Ancrast,” Weiloe tried to hide his ring and blushed.
“I guess you have no means of going back after this is over,” Lefio’s face was still a smirking one.
“Whatever it is, I decided to escort you to Orst deep deep grounds and I insist. Let’s go,” They left this town and proceed to Orst. This is their last time together….


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