Route of Earth(Path 99-The Final Night Part One)

Four days later, they arrived at Orst, a city where the borders of Eln, Oittra, Eksia and Letila intersect. The buildings were shaped like cylinders, perhaps to show harmony between the countries that included the city in their borders.
“Let’s enjoy the night while it lasts,” Ancrast and Weiloe walked away.
“Yeah, let’s leave them alone,” Meltine and Lefio walked away as well. The wind blowing from the ground through a tiny hole on the ceiling cooled down the heat in the city like an air conditioning system.
“I guess we will part way after this. I guess I’ll just continue mining until you come back. You hometown is actually somewhere faraway from here, isn’t it?” Orkaf took out his doktionas and polished it with palm oil. It was shining and looked new.
“Yes. It is at Trusal, a port town north of Castyf. It is now a small port for northern islands to ship their goods. You might not believe this, but I am actually a deep ground people. It’s just that my boss discovered by transporting talents and had me working on the land 5 years ago. I guess it is the fate of gods that we meet each other, isn’t it?” Tefia took out her ifnarisis and used the palm oil as well. Oddly, the surface became rough.
“You shouldn’t polish it using palm oil. Use this,” Orkaf took over the weapon and polished it using soy bean oil and it turned smooth. “You have much to learn, so do I,” He returned the weapon back to her. She smiled while trying to assemble a combined weapon of his and hers.
“I guess this will be useful in combat,” Tefia showed him the combined weapon. The handle of doktionas was attached on ifnarisis’s handle, with the ruby removed and attached on the metal block of doktionas, which in turn attached on the ifnarisis’s tip, making it looked like a mining lance wand.
“I shall name it ifnarinas,” Orkaf suddenly blurted out his words. “Because it is a combination from two of us,”
“Yes. And can I borrow it for a while? I will return it to you after I finished with my job. After that….” She started to blush while pointing the weapon to the ceiling.
“We can’t be certain over such things. Emotions, feelings, passions…all these are nothing but unstable abstract things,” Orkaf turned away from her.
“But one thing is certain…we love each other,” Tefia hugged his from behind. The softness of the robe made his face turned red. “And we definitely won’t forget that, ever,”
“Promise to me that you will come back in good condition. I think I won’t be attracted to other woman anymore,” He closed his eyes. The atmosphere was stiff as they were unable to feel the wind.
“I will. And be yourself while I away,” She left go of him, walked to his front and kissed him. He was surprised and opened his eyes. He stared at her with all passion he had at that time as if no one was watching.
“Let’s buy some parts to enhance this weapon, shall we?” Orkaf leto go of himself and wandered around the city. Tefia quickly chased after him.
“Don’t leave me alone! And…don’t you should have a ring kind of sorts?” Tefia quickly shouted at him. He quickly took out a titanium ring and showed it to her. It was etched and showed “O loves T” on it.
“This…you have it all along?” She was shocked.
“I made it myself using my crafting techniques. And it was my parents’ wedding ring. Let’s talk about this after everything is over,” He continued wandering for shops. At the meantime, Lefio and Meltine were having problems….


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