Route of Earth(Path 100-The Last Night Part Two)

After a few minutes of walking, Lefio and Meltine had some rest on a hut. It was made from stone and no one was around.
“Lefio, the evil powers are dangerous. You know that and you are letting it flow inside you. At least those antimatter powers wiped them out or you’ll turn evil, but you shouldn’t risking all of this,” Meltine was holding his hands.
“This is better than doing nothing. I am still myself when I activated that power. And how? By remembering that I doing this for you. Thanks to this I can completely control this evil inducing power. Don’t forget that demons are merely a species of living being, not an outright evil race as some panicked people think of,” Lefio looked away from her.
“I know. Currently the realm of satan is in chaos because demons and humans living there are now fighting against the demon lord. What can you expect when peace loving beings were called to rage war? But I have some concerns….” She let go of her hands and became anxious.
“I am a former demon prince searching my family, and you are a saint in a mission of aiding Tefia. We can’t simply be together without screwing our fates as dimensionally opposite beings. After all, you saints are subjected to harder laws, isn’t it?” Lefio turned around and looked at her.
“Yes, and we are not allowed to love a demon. I guess after this is over I will be exiled and I have to depend on you later on. Perhaps I have to follow you to the realm of Satan one day. Or you want to stay here like Ancrast?” She took out a emerald ring. A wing shaped jewel was carved onto it. It was shining with the diamond powder coated on it.
“I don’t care where I go, as long as I can be with you. I don’t know what will become of you, but I will go into the realm of saint….” He took the ring and looked at it, yet he was suddenly slapped.
“Don’t ever do that. I am more than willing to forget you if you do so. Don’t you know that such place is sacred that entering the place is almost impossible except from its citizens? Your presence will only bring controversy and chaos. Don’t forget that this demon crisis is partially due to a demon stealing the eight holy weapons,” She took the ring back and threw it away.
“Another part is because our idiot skeleton soldier used the wrong arrow to shoot down an intruder and turned him a demon which is unstoppable. Now we have no idea of how we can defeat him or to find a weapon which is its polar opposite,” He quickly ran to take the ring and went back to her.
“It can’t be helped. He was asked to search the stolen holy weapons, which is supposedly done in secrecy. In fact, that arrow looks so plain that a normal soldier won’t be able to differentiate it with a normal arrow. Of course, before that tragedy happens, he did not realize that the weapons are in hands of a king which is used to stop the demon lord but ended up like what we known as the Zard incident today. Perhaps this is better than the king gets killed and the demon lord easily conquer half of Lefrad,” She quickly took away the ring from him.
“Whatever it is, promise to me that you will not forget our love. Let’s sleep here, shall we?” He lied on the ground and slept there. She merely lied on his body and formed a T. At the meantime, Ancrast and Weiloe are having something special….


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