Route of Earth(Path 101-The Last Night Part Three)

“Are you really sure of this? Don’t your parents would know this?” Ancrast was dragged by Weiloe to an empty park which various flowers were grown everywhere.
“I’ve met your parents and they approved us. I am sure that my parents will approve us as well. You are really a nice girl. I don’t feel of leaving here without taking you with me,” He took out a ring made from stainless steel carved with shapes of their main weapons.
“Do you mean that…oh, I see. Hehehe,” Weiloe blushed a bit. “I am the one who should follow you rather than you following me. After all, I’m not really bitchy when it comes to treatment on me,” She clung onto his shoulder.
“Are you sure of this? The realm of satan does not welcome upper people well. It is a place of darkness, after all,” They walked together around the park. The scents of the flowers seemed to harmonize each other. “But I will protect you from people who try to harm you,” Weiloe merely listened to him.
“Wait, what is your plan after escorting the chosen one to the temple? We have sold the mine to someone else and we have nothing to do as of now,” She woke up and stopped walking. “Or you want to travel around and search you parents?”
“No. They will find me at the realm of satan. Do you want to go to the realm of satan to wipe out the demon forces? I won’t go if you don’t want to,” He took out his mace.
“I will follow you regardless of the place. In fact, we have to contribute to help them defeating the demon lord in some way,” She took out her double sword lance and pointed it onto his mace. “Battling against enemies with you are always a fun thing to do,”
“Then prepare to some overdosing fun after we are done here,” He kept his mace inside his dimensional storage. She also did the same with her sword lance. “It’s so beautiful here, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, too bad we don’t have time to enjoy them, isn’t it?” Weiloe laid down onto the ground and smelled the scent of the flowers. “Let’s enjoy it while we have time, shall we?”
“Sure,” He laid down onto the ground, but he quickly proceeded to hugging and kissing her. She was shocked, but she enjoyed it and quickly relaxed. “With this great memory between us, I will never have regrets if I gets killed,”
“No. Should we survived this, we will get married for real, have a nice family and become freelance fighters together, shall we?” They were still in such position after a minute. “And, I think we are enjoying too much,”
“Yeah, you are right,” They let go of each other but still having their eye to eye stare. “I agree with you. Let’s have some nice sleep, shall we?” Weiloe nodded and they slept on the ground, facing the ceiling together. The next morning, in front of a hole at the center of the city,
“Goodbye, everyone. I’ll be back after everything is over,” Tefia gave her last words before jumped into the hole. It was quickly sealed afterwards and everyone else were teleported away. Orkaf was teleported back to the entrance of the mine in Lin while Ancrast and Weiloe were teleported into the realm of satan. But for Lefio and Meltine,
“Where are we?” They felt weird that they were teleported inside the realm of saint. Everything was white and it seemed to be nothing around there.
“Defeat the demons and you shall be free of your constraint,” An unknown sound was heard.
“Yes, master,” She answered and they were teleported away. Tefia is now fighting alone….


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