Route of Earth(Path 102-Entrance Test)

Just after Tefia fell onto the ground, a metal spike struck up from the ground, yet she jumped and barely dodged the attack.
“This is…!” Just when she was midair a steel spear appeared in a sudden and thrust through her. She fell onto the ground and it was cracked, perhaps the place was old and the floor structure was weak. “This must be a vicious welcoming to me,”
“Definitely. If you can’t survive this you will be totally pulverized in the holy trials,” A fully armored knight with white painting appeared in front of him. He seemed to wield nothing and relied solely on magic. “Let’s start,” Two missile launchers were appeared around the hole and shot random missiles on both of them.
“Perhaps making a combination weapon isn’t bad after all,” She took out her ifnarinas and launched its metal block along with its tail blade, while dodging the straight moving missiles. The attacks avoided the missiles along the way, yet,
“Wall!” He cast the spell and the attacks were blocked, but after a few seconds the wall was shattered and the attacks thrust through him. He was thrown away to a door and hit a seal on it. “Curse…you….” The ground was cracked and shaking. Tefia’s movement was unstable and ended up hit by the missiles. Oddly, the missile launchers switched their aim and aimed at her. “Take…this….” The ground became full with spikes and she was unable to move on the ground.
“I guess flying is the only way,” She flew upwards while trying to lure the missile launchers to launch the missiles on him. He quickly healed himself and flew away, dodging the missiles before the missile launchers disappeared.
“You are forcing me to do this,” A short, but wide sword appeared with laser blades appeared in front of him. He took it and laser beams were emitted on her from the hole, forcing her to move constantly. She tried to block them using her ifnarinas, yet she was knocked down onto the still spiked ground slowly. Just when he dashed towards her,
“Well, this isn’t good….” She teleported herself away from him, yet he was still dashing towards her that she merely teleporting herself randomly. Then, she shot a few laser beams randomly that reflected through the walls and the ground, hoping that the beams will hit him eventually. After a few minutes,
“!” The laser beams hit him. She quickly teleported herself to his front and plus slashed him. His armor was cracked and he fell onto the ground. The spikes were disappeared just before he reached the ground. He quickly woke up and jumped towards her, attempting a head butt attack.
“I guess you are far from an assessment of my powers. Relax in peace, knight,” She held her ifnarinas backwards and threw it as if it was a lance while charging it with wind and sky auras. It spun like a drill, but it was blocked when he took out a pike bladed sword and swung it upwards.
“This…overwhelming force….” The ifnarinas was still trying to penetrate his sword. She charged the weapon with more wind and sky auras and the sword was shattered, penetrating through the weapon and himself. He fell onto the ground unconsciously.
“What a powerful will…I guess he really mean it,” She healed him and Yarnil (god of building)’s pyramid appeared in front of her. Then, the other holy items moved out from her dimensional storage. The holy items surrounded her and she was teleported into a room which was only made from bricks. The room was fully filled with non-elemental aura and it was bright despite there was no light source. The holy trial starts….


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