Route of Earth(Path 103-The Holy Trial Stage One Part One)

After a few seconds, she was shocked when smokes started to fill the room. The room’s visibility started to get lesser and lesser and she cast air barrier to filter the smoke. Then, suddenly,
“Behold your first enemy called Ordian Kigra!” A full armored knight dropped down onto her, yet she jumped away and dodged the attack. The smoke was quickly disappeared and the shining armor was visible.
“You shall be broken of your armor!” Tefia took out her ifnarinas and launched its tail blade as if it was a homing missile. He merely let his armor blocked the tail blade and the armor was unharmed at all. He took it and threw it back towards her. She attempted to attach the part back to its original position, but the impact was too strong that she was pushed a meter back.
“Armor? Don’t boast yourself too much!” He took out his tip (an alloy made from one third of titanium, one third of iridium and one third of platinum) sword and dashed towards her. It was fast, yet she managed to strafed to her right and swung her ifnarinas to her left and knocked him to a wall. His armor was deformed, but it was quickly restored.
“Your armor isn’t really that strong,” She charged her wand with thunder aura and emitted a thunder spark to the ceiling. Then, thunder sparks were launched onto him, yet he merely standing and flowed the electricity onto the ground. She quickly float above the ground but a thunder spark was emitted on her, making her electrocuted.
“Your body as well,” He charged his sword and threw it upwards. The sword emitted energy beams on her, which were absorbed and shot as a large energy blast on him back. He was hit and smokes were formed, but the armor was intact. She quickly ran inside the smoke and launched the metal block on her ifnarinas on him. Being unable to see, he was hit and his armor was cracked.
“Now who’s gonna go down?” They both dashed out from the smoke and waited until the smoke disappeared. They stared each other sharply and waiting for an attack. He cast invisibility on himself and leaped towards her, but the sound of jumping was heard and she threw her ifnarinas as if it was a lance. It almost hit him, yet he cast warp and the weapon was warped beneath the ground and pierced through her. She fell down onto the ground, but she quickly stood up, pulled out her ifnarinas and healed himself.
“!” Just when he thought that she will be hit by his sword, she dashed slightly to her front and stabbed him using the tail blade part on the ifnarinas exactly at the spot where the armor was cracked. He was thrown onto the ground with a hole formed on the armor. A black Kevlar rubber suit was visible.
“Looks like I’ve underestimate you after all. Let’s see what if I do this,” She charged her ifnarinas with pyro aura and cast molten blaze on him. He was burned at a high temperature that his armor and suit were melted. Surprisingly, he absorbed the flames and left the clothing disappeared. An orange hollow was seen and it was emitting pyro aura.
“Yes, and you are too late for any regrets!” The room turned hot that she was sweating a lot. She charged herself with water aura and cooled down the room along with the hollow. The aura emitted on it was erased, but it quickly charged itself with pyro aura again. The battle continues….


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