Route of Earth(Path 104-The Holy Trials Stage One Part Two)

The room was suddenly full of flames and some of them burnt her. She quickly cast extinguish and the flames were disappeared, but they reappeared a few seconds later.
“You…I guess nothing that I can do now except this,” She charged her ifnarinas with hydro aura and cast sink on the room. It was filled with water, which was quickly converted into high pressure steam. The high air pressure hit them hard that they teleported the steam away.
“You are really strong, but if you think this is sufficient to defeat me, you are totally wrong!” It charged itself with thunder aura, which changed its color into yellow and cast spark strike on her. Thunder sparks were emitted on her which moved in an arc. She teleported to its back and slammed him onto a wall using her ifnarinas, but the arcing movement of the thunder sparks prevented it from hitting the sparks while she was hit instead.
“Damn…this is really tricky. I guess I need to change my attack patterns,” She charged her ifnarinas with earth aura and granite balls were launched from nowhere on it, but they were crushed using its fists and kicks. Being distracted, it was injured when she charged her ifnarinas with photons and shot a laser blast on it. It quickly teleported itself to her back and kicked her onto the ceiling.
“You think you can really do this one me? I guess we are just escalating our intensity, not our stake of this battle,” It charged itself with metal aura and a few metal spikes were formed on the ground. Seeing the fatality of the spikes, she swung her infarinas onto the spikes and threw herself onto the ground instead.
“Maybe the stake is still balance after all,” She healed herself and stood up while the spikes were disappearing. It dashed towards her while launching punch waves on her, yet she absorbed them and stabbed it when it came close. Still, a punch landed on her stomach and they were both thrown 5 meters away.
“Yeah, balance. This is really something troublesome, isn’t it?” He took out a water crystal sword and threw it that the sword was spinning on its way. She jumped to dodge the attack, but the weapon suddenly struck upwards and hit her body. She fell onto the ground, but she managed to charge herself with oracle aura and an oracle mark was formed on the ground, preventing any attacks from reaching her.
“If you think you win by now, you are counting the eggs before they hatch,” A double helix oracle beam was emitted on her ifnarinas and the ruby attached on it was changed into a golden orb with an oracle sign visible in it. The hollow attempted to break through the defense by charging towards her like a rugby player, but it was not strong enough and he was blown by an oracle blast. It was thrown away and unable to move.
“I…am…not…losing…yet….” It charged itself with positrons and emitted positron waves around the room. The oracle defense was intact and she absorbed them as charged positrons in her ifnarinas and shot a blast on it again. Being unable to move, it was hit and the attack was stopped. “You win…now leave me alone….” He was teleported away. After a few seconds, she was teleported away as well, but into a odd place: the walls are all made from marble and the room was spherical.
“I guess this is the place for the holy trial, I must say,” She was completely recovered while she was looking at the surroundings. The next stage starts soon….


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