Route of Earth(Path 105-The Holy Trial Stage Two Part Two)

Suddenly, the room turned icy and slippery. Any movement would trip anyone in the room. The chilling feeling is so intense that even the bones can feel the coldness. Then, an ice skater wearing skin tight blue robe appeared and moved around the room.
“Behold the power of Lieha Osna!” She took out her shotguns and shot Tefia a few times. With quickly reflexes, Tefia cast grip on herself and ran around the room without any problem, dodging the shots easily. The act of attacking and dodging continued for a while.
“Don’t you tried from constant movement?” Tefia charged her ifnarinas with pyro aura and threw it onto the ground. The icy surroundings turned into steamy and rough, preventing her from moving. Lieha switched her skating shoes into blue colored boots and dashed towards her while shooting her a few times.
“How dare you….” She jumped at low height and attempted to smack Tefia using her shotguns, yet the attack was blocked when Tefia swung her ifnarinas to her left and it was thrown away. She quickly kicked Leiha using her knee and punched her just below her neck. She was thrown away, yet she landed acrobatically and took out a pair of daggers.
“This…looks like this is really an assessment,” Just when she dashed towards Tefia while forming a lance, Tefia shot a energy ball reflected through the ground. “And I shall pass this regardless of whatever it pits me against!” She jumped, yet Tefia threw her wand upwards and she was hit, crashing upwards onto the ceiling with the ifnarinas stuck through her stomach.
“I am not beaten yet!” She pulled the ifnarinas out and healed herself while dropping onto the ground, attempting to attack Tefia using the weapon. Tefia jumped onto a wall and attempted to perform a drill head butt attack on her, yet she threw the ifnarinas and both attacks were stopped. They fell onto the ground while Tefia picked up the ifnarinas and healing herself.
“Me too…I guess this is going to be escalating,” She woke up while Lieha dashed backwards and stared her sharply. The atmosphere between them were intense. Sweat drops were dripping from their chins. The weapons starting to get rough due to the polished layer starting to wear off. Non-elemental aura was oddly concentrated in the room.
“Let’s continue our fight!” Lieha took out a pair of platinum sword and connected them as a lance using a titanium rod. She charged it with oracle aura and threw it onto the ground. An oracle mark was formed and eight laser beams were formed on the ground, damaging their feet. Then, they float slightly upwards and dashed towards the center of the mark.
“Yes, and you shall be lying on the ground sighing your defeat!” Tefia quickened her steps while she stopped moving. Just when Tefia reach the center of the mark, it emitted a blast that blew her up that she crashed onto the ceiling. The mark was disappeared, but double sword lance suddenly spun and rising slowly while Tefia fell onto the ground.
“Lying? You are spelling your last words,” It suddenly made a spin and Tefia was slashed repeatedly. After a few seconds, she grabbed the lance and they fell onto the ground, yet she managed to throw the weapon back to Lieha while healing herself. Just when she landed on the ground and Lieha was attempting to do a rotating attack,
“You are wrong. I’m not into back attacks,” She charged her wand with sub-zero aura and cast ice spike rain on Lieha. Rock spike shaped ice were raining onto her. This is not over yet….


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