Route of Earth(Path 106-The Holy Trial Stage Two Part Two)

“Ha! Courtesy is unnecessary here, pal!” The room suddenly became hot and red in color. Trails of pyro aura paticles were spiraling on Lieha. The ice spikes were melted into water crystals which still raining on her and pierced through her body.
“Then forgive my ruthlessness!” Tefia switched to a pair of sickle hook with one meter long and dashed towards her. She dodged Tefia’s scratching attacks, yet the movements were fast that she could not switch her weapon. “!” She spun her lance in front of her and Tefia’s attack was blocked. The weapons stuck for a few seconds before they jumped away from each other.
“Well, it seems that we are taking too much time for such a thing, isn’t it?” She dashed towards Tefia swiftly that Tefia was only able to swing her hook upwards just when she crashed Tefia onto the ground. The hooks were thrown away, yet Tefia teleported herself away and took out her ifnarinas. The hooks were then teleported back to her dimensional storage.
“No. Why should we bother with time while battling?” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with venom aura and shot a few venom drops from the room’s ceiling. Lieha noticed the drops and avoided them. Oddly, the drops chased her for 5 meters before reaching the ground, perhaps due to it was a spell instead of a magical skill. She cast purify and the drops were converted into distilled water.
“Yeah. Time is not an important factor here,” She charged her lance with thunder aura and attached it onto her right shoulder while dashing backwards. Tefia tried to shot a few energy shots on her, yet her fast movement made her dodging the shots. Then, she made a wall jump on a wall on her back before jumping upwards. “Taste my blast shots!” A few thunder sparks were shot from her lance, which were blocked yet flinched Tefia half a meter.
“Blind attack? I know what you are doing,” Tefia launched the tail blade from her ifnarinas while emitting shockwaves on her. She was hit and fell onto the ground. A magic circle with a transparent oracle mark visible above it appeared as Tefia charged herself with oracle aura. “!” Just when she crashed onto the ground,
“Well, this backfiring must be very painful on you, I must say. How pathetic,” A double helix oracle beam were emitted on her from above, yet she absorbed the beam along with the aura on the magic circle and transferred it to her lance. A blast was emitted, which Tefia absorbed the oracle mirror spell. An octagonal mirror was appeared in front of Tefia and the blast was reflected back to her.
“This…you are quite powerful,” Tefia was shocked when Lieha cast wall on herself. A marble wall appeared and blocked the reflected blast, but the debris from the marble wall fell onto Lieha as the wall was shattered, yet she was unharmed and stood up without any scratches visible. The atmosphere was intense and they knew that their moves will be countered.
“Let’s finish this. Dragging this battle will do nothing good on everyone,” Lieha switched to a pair of shoulder rocket launcher and mounted them onto her shoulders. Salvoes of rockets were shot on Tefia, yet Tefia ran around the room and dodged the shots. Explosions on the walls gave clouds of dusts, which hindered their sights. Lieha cast spin on the rocket launchers and she was spinning around the room, attempting for a random blast, yet,
“Your wish is granted,” Just when the room was completely filled with dusts, Tefia dashed to her back while charging her ifnarisis with pyro aura. “Infernal heat!” She was stabbed at the back and she fell onto the ground unconsciously as heat flowed into her body at a very high rate as if fuel was burning within her. Tefia passed the stage and she was teleported away. The next stage is nothing the same….


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