Route of Earth(Path 107-The Holy Trial Stage Three Part One)

Tefia was teleported inside a room with sand walls and she was recovered from her last battle. Then, a full armored knight appeared in front of her. He did not say anything at all and merely dashed towards her.
“A berserker swordsman…is this an assessment or a trap?” She strafed to her left while slashing his armor from her right using her ifnarinas. He was hit, but the weapon stuck on his armor and she ended up punched and thrown away. He pulled out the weapon and threw it onto her as if it was a lance.
“Irkinas…Irkinas Ordo. Lose!” He quickly dashed onto the lance and caught it, attempting to cross slash her, yet she headbutted him and he fell onto the ground. He lost his grip on the ifnarinas and she quickly took it back. Then, she tried to stab him at his body, but he quickly recovered from the attack and kicked her stomach. She was thrown onto a wall without losing her grip.
“Quick reflexes, huh?” She let her legs stepped on the wall and jumped back onto him while charging it with photons and shot a few laser beams on him. He merely blocked the shots and blocked her ifnarinas using his gloves made from Kevlar mixed with brass threads reinforced with surface barrier.
“And electrical powers!” Thunder pulses were emitted on her, but she let it passed through her clothing and thunder pulses were emitted randomly around the air. The stance was kept for a few seconds before she teleported herself away from him. The thunder pulses were travelling like a net, barely missing them as if an invisible net was trapping them.
“I see,” They mindlessly dashing around the room while shooting various projectile on each other, yet the thunder pulses never hit them and the shots were missed. Then, seeing an opening for a jump attack, “Take this!” She jumped over a gap between the pulses while shooting a few laser beams on her. He quickly dashed backwards while forming a barrier which reflected the pulses in a new direction. The laser beams reflected onto the ground and his barrier.
“No good,” Then, he dashed towards her on a straight line while maintaining the barrier. The pulses were reflected away. Then, she made a smirking smile and he did the same as well. He jumped and her face turned shocked. The laser beams were reflected at his back while he launched a few hand shaped shockwaves from his palms.
“Yep,” She leaned her body downward and dashed below him. He crashed onto the ground with the barrier shattered and the thunder pulses hit and electrocuted him. He quickly stood up while the thunder pulses were visible on his armor. “No, further!” Just when he focused the pulses on his left glove and attempted to launch a large thunder spark on her, she ran towards him and held her ifnarinas on her right hand and slanted frontward with the tail blade in front of her.
“Hmph,” The spark was conducted back to his armor as his right glove and body armor was in contact with the ifnarinas, yet the spark was conducted to his right hand and she was punched exactly at her heart. The blow threw her 50 meters off with her ifnarisis was lost from her weak grip.
“Tch…” She teleported her ifnarinas back to her hands and healed herself. Sweat was seen on her head, slowly dripping down through her sleeves and the ifnarinas. Her grip was weak that another blow will threw it again. “Bring it on!” She tightened her grip and trails on earth aura absorbed from the ground was visible. The battle continues….


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