Route of Earth(Path 108-The Holy Trials Stage Three Part Two)

“I will,” The full armored knight charged towards Tefia at high speed. The speed was so high that the room was full with sand dusts as the wind blew on the sandy walls and ground and she was unable to react. When he was 10 meters in front of Tefia, he suddenly stopped and the sands blurred her vision and she was forced to close her eyes. Then, he quickly ran towards her and punched her face and her stomach a few times before kicking her away.
“I see,” She maintained her grip on her ifnarinas and stabbed it onto the ground. Sandstone pillars surrounded him, but he quickly destroyed them using his bare hands, only to be crushed onto the ceiling when a sandstone pillar rose from the ground beneath his legs. He was falling onto the ground, but he managed to charge himself with pyro aura and formed a burning shockwave upon hitting the ground. It was three dimensional that she can’t dodge it.
“You lose!” He took out a thunder spark emitter handgun and shot a few thunder sparks on her. She quickly absorbed them into her ifnarinas, charged it with hydro aura and launched a hydro shockwave back to him, putting the burning shockwave out. He cast barrier on himself again and let the shockwave shattering his barrier. “Or maybe not,” The barrier pieces were launched onto her.
“Yep,” She cast wall and a sandstone wall appeared in front of her. The barrier pieces were blocked, yet it was crushed quickly as he travelled along the pieces and punched through the wall. Sands were “sprayed” onto her, making her panic and she was kicked away again, but this time, she cast warp on herself and she was warped to his back and knocked him down.
“Ha!” He quickly woke up, took out a sword and slashed her exactly life half. She was injured and unable to move, yet she charged herself with wind aura and a tornado was formed, preventing him from attacking her. Random wind slash waves were launched towards him while she was healing herself.
“Not so fast!”  The tornado moved towards him as she stood still, pointing her ifnarinas at him. He charged his sword and launched random slash waves across the tornado, but they were all repelled. Then, trails of wind aura covered his whole body. He threw his sword away and dashed through the tornado without getting injured and proceeded to punch her.
“Same,” She sensed his movement and grabbed his hands, but he jumped and kicked her stomach, freeing himself from the grab. Just when he landed onto the ground, “Thousand sands!” Sands pierced through his armor and body like round gun projectiles. He fell onto the ground, suffering severe injury, but he stood up and looked very exhausted.
“I am still standing!” He healed himself and regained his stamina by absorbing earth aura from the ground. He charged her feet and emitted shockwaves everywhere, yet they were blocked by her barrier spell. The atmosphere was the same for a few minutes before the shockwaves stopped. They stared each other sharply, readying for a final blow.
“Take this!” She dashed backwards while charging her ifnarinas with positrons and shot a blast on him. He quickly cast barrier and dashed towards her, not realizing that the barrier was slowly decaying. “You lose,” She held her ifnarinas horizontally and slammed him when he reached close to her. He was thrown onto a wall and his barrier was shattered. She pointed her ifnarinas at him, which was still emitting the blast. He fell onto the ground unconsciously after a few seconds. She was teleported away as she passed the stage. The next stage is harder….


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