Route of Earth(Path 109-The Holy Trial Stage Four Part One)

Tefia was teleported inside a room made from obsidian walls with complete recovery again. Everything was black, but the patterns on the ground and walls were clearly visible. Then, some of the patterns disappeared with a few dart knives thrown to her out of nowhere.
“This is…ninja? A rare species, I must say,” She blocked the knives using her ifnarinas and quickly swung the weapon as if rotating around her waist, cutting a shadow figure behind her who attempted for a back attack. She quickly turned around and dashed backwards, yet she saw nothing and ended up kicked at her back and crushed onto the ground.
“!” Tefia quickly charged herself with thunder aura and thunder pulses flowed from her robe to his legs and electrocuted him. He quickly jumped away only to discovered that the pulses did not disappear. “Behold the wrath of Glaod Incetia!” He tried to flow the pulses out of his legs, yet they did not move at all.
“No more hiding attacks, you moron!” She charged her ifnarinas with earth aura and shot a few obsidian rocks on him. He merely caught the rocks and threw them back on her. The rocks damaged the ruby attached onto the weapon that the spell was stopped. “Tch…” She backed off while recovering her weapon. The pulses were slowly disappearing from his legs.
“You are wrong,” He threw a few more dart knives on her in a way that she could not dodge all of them. The ones which hit her thrust through her body. He continued the attack and threw more dart knives in one throw, yet they were all blocked by a wall spell which an obsidian wall formed is as large as the room. She charged the wall with air and wind auras and the wall moved towards him, with no room for him to escape.
“What the!” The wall was crushed into bits when he charged his fists with acid aura and punched the wall, complete with sizzling noises of acid reacting with the wall. He merely stood still while taking out a black colored laser sword, which is completely invisible due to the dark surroundings. He jumped in the air and launched a few black colored slash waves on her, which are still invisible as the slash waves blend into the surroundings.
“I guess I underestimated your sensing skills,” The slash waves were reflected exactly at him back as she cast reflect barrier on herself and a square planar barrier was formed around her head. She jumped and attempted to ram him onto the ceiling, but it ended with both of them repelled each other. Tefia was pushed onto the ground while he was thrown a meter upwards before fell onto the ground.
“Definitely, but you are really giving a lot of pain,” They stood up and healed themselves. “And a lot of sweat as well,” She absorbed the sweat on her skin as hydro aura and cast hydro furinzran on him. Eight magic circles surrounded him in an octahedral formation. Hydro crystals were launched randomly on him, thrusting through his body.
“This is not enough to defeat me!” He charged himself and emitted shockwaves, which crushed the magic circles into bits and ended the spell early. The magic circle pieces were launched along with thrown dart knives, attempting to bring her down once and for all, but she cast wall again and the wall merely crushed into debris upon blocking the last knife.
“You are underestimating my powers as well!” She put her ifnarisis on the ground and stepped on it. The fight continues….


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