Route of Earth(Path 110-The Holy Trial Stage Four Part Two)

“Wand jet!” Tefia’s ifnarinas moved like a missile towards the ninja. He quickly dashed away from her while throwing a few dart knives on her. She quickly took out a pair of fan shaped swords and knocked them away with ease. The blow is so strong that the obsidian walls were slightly cracked around the spot where the knocked knives were directed at.
“I guess this is the only way to stop you!” He charged himself with pyro and earth auras and punched the ground. Magma pillars appeared out of nowhere and she was forced to land to avoid hitting them. Then, suddenly a few polymeric swords were thrown onto him, possible made of thermosetting polymers. She quickly dodged them while waiting for the magma pillars to disappear.
“You can’t hide behind the offensive cover forever!” She charged herself with sub-zero aura and cast freeze on the magma pillars and they were frozen into obsidian pillars. Suddenly, sound of sword slashes were heard and the pillars were destroyed. Oddly, the debris from the slashes were launched on her immediately. She quickly dashed backwards and dodged the debris, hoping that he will stop attacking
“And this is how I end it!” He charged his zig (an alloy made from one third of zinc, one third of iridium and one third of germanium) sword with wind aura and launched a cross shaped slash wave on her, which speeded up the debris. She quickly cast barrier on herself and blocked the attacks, but upon blocking the slash wave it was shattered. Then, he appeared in front of her out of a sudden.
“!” He was kicked at his face and thrown 10 meters backwards. Just when he crashed onto the ground, a few thunder sparks were emitted straight on him. He quickly dodged them by kicking the ground, dragging him on the ground. She quickly dashed towards him, yet, “This is not over yet,” He charged his legs with wind aura and launched a few kick waves on her. She was hit and thrown onto the ceiling before smashing down onto the ground.
“Yes,” She quickly woke up and blocked a punch from him using her ifnarinas and slashed him by spinning the weapon. He quickly jumped away and launched a few more kick waves on her, which cracked the weapon upon blocking. She kept the weapon inside her dimensional storage and took out a pair of pearl wands.
“I guess you are just asking for more, huh?” He took out another zig sword, charged them with sub-zero aura and stabbed them onto the ground. It appeared that nothing was happened and she quickly ran towards him, but suddenly she was frozen and sealed inside 5 centimeters thick ice. He slowly walked towards her, attempting to finish her off, yet,
“Yep, and you’ll get the same thing as well,” The ice suddenly shattered and he was whacked repeatedly by her wands. Then, she charged them with pyro aura and shot a few fireballs on him. He was hit and his clothes were burned. He quickly extinguished the flames and restored his clothes while dashing away from her.
“Tch….” He kept his swords in his dimensional storage. “You just won’t go down, will ya?” He charged his dart knives with venom aura and threw them on her. She blocked them using the barrier spell, but the barrier was filled with venomous liquid.
“You regret what you have done,” She charged herself with air, wind and sky auras and a burst of wind was emitted, breaking the barrier outwards and blown the dart knives back to him. He was hit repeatedly and collapsed on the ground. She passed the stage and was teleported away. The trial continues….


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