Route of Earth(Path 111-The Holy Trial Stage Five Part One)

Tefia was teleported inside an icy room with complete recovery again. It was made from ice which resists melting, perhaps due to special magic cast on it. The coldness of the room leave chills in her body down to her muscles. Then, after a few seconds, ice spikes appeared on the ceiling and fell onto the ground.
“Show yourself,” She took out her ifnarinas, charged it with pyro aura and stabbed it onto the ground. The room was burned and the flames spread throughout the room. After a few seconds the flames were extinguished and a man looked like an ice hollow appeared in front of her.
“I’m Actinus Lanthan, now defeat me to pass!” He took out an ice rapier and swung it upwards through the ground, launching a freezing ground wave from the scratch from the ground. He quickly dashed along the freezing wave and threw it as if it was a lance. Tefia quickly strafed to her left and slammed him using her ifnarinas, throwing him 10 meters away.
“This is what I will do,” She charged her ifnarinas with thunder aura and thunder sparks struck randomly straight from the ceiling and the ground. He was hit, but the pulses merely passed through his skin without dealing any damage. He crashed onto the ground and his body seemed to be cracked. He quickly restored it and dashed back to her.
“Let’s see who is right!” He took out a pair of aloferia (similar to esquadria, but the missiles were changed into laser shooting spears) and shot laser beams on her. She quickly ran around the room and performing a few wall jumps to dodge them while shooting ice beams on him. The rampage of shooting and dodging lasted a few minutes before their immediate energy reserves emptied.
“Tch…” Tefia absorbed sub-zero aura from the surroundings and sealed him under 5 centimeter thick ice, but he merely became large and launched the lances on her. She quickly performed a few wall jumps while launching the metal block and tail blade on her ifnarinas on him back. Again, he dodged them by strafing to his left, yet the parts moved towards him immediately and he was hit, crashing onto a wall and the ice seal was shattered.
“Ha, your plan failed to trick me after all,” He switch to a pair of shoulder laser pods and shot laser beams on her again, but this time she reflected them back to him using the mirror spell. After a few shots, the laser beams pierced through the mirror and she was hit. She quickly broke the mirror and launched its pieces at him, which were destroyed quickly by the laser beams.
“Maybe this will work out,” She switched to a pair of long handle brass hammers and knocked the ground. Shockwaves were launched and break his “body”. It turned out to be ice as full armor, revealing a full Lisenus (an alloy made from 20% of copper, 20% of silver, 20% of gold, 20% of platinum and 20% of titanium) armor, which hid his face.
“Impressive. You are the first one to remove my first level of defense. Let’s see if you can face its consequences!” He quickly dashed towards her in an extremely high speed that she could not even react. She was crashed onto a wall and fell onto the ground. She quickly woke up and cast flash on herself, making her speed as fast as him.
“I guess this will make things equal to us,” She dashed backwards while waiting for him to make a move. The holy trial continues….


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